The nasty party’s mask slips….back on

As cases surge and plans for beds in tents are developed in England, the UK Conservative Government u-turns to follow Scotland on face-masks in schools.


BBC Scotland yet to door-step Scottish Conservatives on this.

12 thoughts on “The nasty party’s mask slips….back on

  1. In fact, BBCScotland is using this decision by Westminster to attack the SG. It is talking of ‘six teacher unions are demanding stricter rules’.

    There are only three teacher unions in Scotland one represents more than 75% of teachers, a second, which represents secondary teachers only represents around 10%. The third, NASUWT, represents a very small number – more teachers are not union members than it has members. It is insignificant in Scotland, despite being the second largest teachers’ union in England.

    And, of course, BBCScotland bases it’s attack on a statement from NASUWT.

    In another report relating to Westminster’s advice that employers should prepare for ‘up to 25% staff absences’, the BBC Business correspondent says, ‘Business leaders have welcomed this as very helpful’, but does not identify those leaders, nor does she say why they find the advice ‘very helpful’.

    This simply the BBC acting as a PR mouthpiece to imply ‘the Government is ‘taking action’.

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    1. I noted a National article featuring the NASUWT angle, originally an England only article, rewritten to include a comment by NASUWT’s Scottish representative, but reframed as a “Scottish Government must fund…” piece.

      Smells of being another Scotland Office production, but as it hasn’t yet appeared on their web-pages, can’t verify by the usual anonymous journalist attribute…

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        1. Being part of The Herald Group, The National Shares many staff with the Herald and Glasgow Tines and articles from the other two often appear verbatim in The National. There are often the kind of innuendo-laden, selective, decontextualised misuse of statistics and reports that appear in the others. The sport content of the National is identical with that of The Glasgow Times, with the pronounced pro-Rangers bias. The letters page of the Times usually contains several ‘name-and-address-supplied’ anti-SNP/SG/FM tirades in each edition.

          While there are, indeed, some National-only writers and it is the only source of pro-independence stories, I worry that their impact and, indeed, credibility, can be lessened by the juxtaposition with other pieces, probably, to fill up space.

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  2. As if the Tories at Holyrood have the best interests of the people of Scotland at heart. The topsy turvy Tory narrative spin, myths and lies, given a platform by their masters at the BBC, we should just call the Tory branch office in Scotland the hokey cokey party.

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  3. The move to school pupils wearing masks in England is tokenism. In Scotland, it is part of a wider set of measures to limit spread. In England it is so the Government can be seen to be doing something without provoking outrage from business such as Hospitality or Travel. A longer term step would be to start a programme of investment in improving ventilation standards wherever people gather in large numbers.

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  4. The Daily Telegraph headline for the story about masks being introduced for pupils in Secondary Schools in England was to the effect that the pupils were being ‘forced’ to wear masks!!! Where do they get these people?

    The effect of the rise in cases and pressure on the NHS especially in England and other businesses generally is becoming more apparent by the day.

    Good article in the BMJ from 20th Dec

    Do not read if you are of a nervous disposition.

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  5. Interesting to note this morning’s BBC UK Webpage features
    “Covid in Scotland: ‘Crunch week’ as latest data awaited” and
    “ScotRail to introduce temporary timetable for January”
    All eyes on Scotland then aside the Prime Charlatan promising the kiddiwinkies test-kits which mysteriously ran out and they had to borrow from Wales.

    Then there’s the UK/Health/Coronavirus Webpage, looking a variety of other country’s circumstance, except for the UK.

    Nowhere is England’s condition mentioned, again, a modern version of Nelson’s “I see no ships”….

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  6. One of the few sensible things being done in the south. The rate of infection rampant. 1 in 16 in London. 1 in 60 in Scotland.


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