Really? This is your evidence?

Some businesses fear trade will travel south to England, where there are fewer (sic) rules. The restrictions are just too much (sic) and with Dumfries being that close to the border, everyone (sic) is just looking at England and saying, let’s just go down there. My brother-in-law is a taxi driver and he is booked up for taxis to Carlisle. You can imagine what other drivers are like.

Ian Jardine, Bar owner, is BBC Scotland’s expert on pandemic restrictions today, before anyone who might know anything gets a word in.

Really, is this where we are now in reporting by the state broadcaster? My brother-in-law is a taxi driver?


All I can find is that, in July 2020, the Daily Record sent a lad down to Carlisle, after the first lockdown and he reported ‘scores’ of Scottish drinkers but only be seemed to be able to interview less than a score and one pub-owner there said: “It hasn’t been that busy, not as busy as we thought it would be but there are some Scots here.

Come on then BBC Scotland, get Disclosure Scotland down there for Friday night. Let’s hope they don’t get hurt.

7 thoughts on “Really? This is your evidence?

  1. They used a similar attack prior to the Minimum Alcohol Pricing, everyone in the Scottish borders would travel south for their carry outs – aye right!

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    1. Is there enough holding cells for all the drunk drivers returning
      Wether this side of the border or not
      And what about 1st responders in event of serious RTA caused by over the limit
      Now of what i speak is it Pish or is it what ABC (BBC ) broadcast Pish

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  2. And let’s not leave Stephen Montgomery off the hook on that stunt either…

    So Ian Jardine’s brother-in-law is a taxi driver… One car 4 people, a 45 minute drive drive each way, six if he has a roof rack and Cumbria Police just let it all pass…
    Just Wow… A mass exodus of tops 20 people from Dumfries 😲, Fuscos had more customers in Friars Vennel in an hour drinking coffee mid week FFS…

    Initially surprised Jardine made no mention of the impacr Alister Jack’s predicted post-independence, machine machine gun nests, searchlight towers, and merciless haggii lurking in the shrubbery, but there again, he probably thought he’d look foolish.

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