BBC Scotland reveals 0.005% of test results delayed

Record levels of demand for Covid PCR tests have left some families waiting up to five days for their results over Christmas, BBC Scotland has learned.

Some who took a PCR in on 23 December only received results on Tuesday.

They must isolate at home until they receive notification of a negative test, meaning many had to change their Christmas plans.

How many families did BBC Scotland find or have passed to them by the Scottish opposition parties?

Two plus an anonymous woman, so three at best.

How many PCR tests were done on the 24th? 55 780?

What percentage is that, the three used to generate the BBC report? 0.005%.

It’s all about the percentages, or it should be.


16 thoughts on “BBC Scotland reveals 0.005% of test results delayed

  1. MY SON GOR PCR TEST Thursday 23rd


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  2. When you look at the newspaper headlines they are pretty much on the same theme of despite ‘Sturgeon’s’ (sic) diktats, numbers of infections are at RECORD levels! They are rejoicing in Scots becoming ill!

    The companion trope is that BOZZA has allowed the people of England to enjoy the New Year.

    And, of course we had the ‘hospitality’ spokesperson telling us that all of Scotland is heading towards Carlisle and Berwick to ‘enjoy’ New Year. This ‘industry’ should be renamed the INHOSPITABILITY industry. Essentially, their grouse is that they are not making the profits they have become accustomed to as an entitlement. Their concern for employees are crocodile tears. Many employees are on minimum wages on zero hours contracts and a large proportion used to be from the EU. Of course the Inhospitability industry was substantially pro Brexit.

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  3. It is about percentages, the 1%, Covid is a gift to them, and the cabal in London will all be partying ‘like it’s 1999’ (or more like 2020) at the thought of the £billions they will make when the English NHS is up for sale.

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  4. With such items as I’ve seen corrected on here recently, I think I may have to start reading the BBC Website again.

    I tend to suffer from low blood pressure…

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  5. Friend’s so was notified yesterday that he was a close contact of someone at work. He got a PCR test yesterday and got the result at 11pm to say he was negative. Note: yesterday and possibly the day before as well it was not possible to get a PCR test in England – all centres booked solid.

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  6. My daughter had her PCR test on the 23rd and only got her result today, so yes we did cancel Christmas but we are ok for New Year, important thing was we stayed safe

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    1. Which is the sort of sensible, undramatic approach everybody should be aiming for!

      Yes, I’d be both disappointed and narked if it happened in my family. But I wouldn’t be running to the beeb, newspapers or anybody else.

      Thing is, if they’ve asked people to test before a nationwide – or even a 4-nationwide – event. Why didn’t they realise that there’d be:

      more people submitting tests=more tests to be processed=more people needed to process them?

      (NB: This question may be rhetorical… 🙂 )

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      1. It may be that:
        A. Lab staff numbers are down because they are self-isolating
        B. Lower number of staff because some are on holiday
        C. Larger number of tests coming from outwith Scotland eg England. The Lighthouse lab in Glasgow processes samples from all of UK
        D. All of the above

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        1. Thanks for a rational reply. But then, unlike many BTLs, this is a rational site! You are, of course, quite right.

          As for A&B, judging by WM’s response to/logic behind the data they were given, they haven’t thought of these things anyway.

          Hospitalisations aren’t as high as they could have been? No, not yet. But they don’t appear to have taken self-isolation and/or rampant infection decimating the workforce – especially public services – into account.

          I sometimes wonder if these ‘people’ think at all. And I’m not sure which is worse. People with the power to make life-changing or, indeed, life-threatening decisions who haven’t at least considered the possible consequences, or ones that have and make them anyway…


  7. The BBC News website’s Scotland page carefully locates this negative story of delays in its headline: ‘Covid in Scotland: Record demand leads to PCR test result delays’

    But then if one reads well beyond the headline we learn this: ‘The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) apologised to those waiting “a little longer” for their result. They said they were adding extra capacity to their laboratories to meet “exceptional demand” FROM ACROSS THE UK “.’ (my emphasis) Just more gaslighting by the BBC in Scotland?

    The BBC headline could/should really have read (if not agenda driven): ‘Covid in UK: Record demand leads to PCR test result delays’. After all in England we learn from an iNews headline (21 December 2021): ‘PCR test delays: People waiting up to five days for Covid results leaves many in limbo approaching Christmas’.

    ‘One woman told i ‘it’s shocking that it’s taking this long’ as people plan to meet friends and family.’

    ‘A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) told i: “I’m sure there are people who have been waiting a while but the overall system has proved to work very well.”

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    1. It’s

      The UKHSA added: “Fast action has been taken to expand processing capability and add extra capacity to our laboratory network to meet this exceptional demand.

      “Our lab technicians and scientists are working as fast as possible to ensure the public receives their results quickly and we apologise to anyone that is having to wait a little longer for their test result.”

      So to clarify. Is the delay is due to the UK government?

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  8. There was a delay. People not getting their results for four days. Other people were getting tested later and getting their results the next day. Before the previously tested. It was quite important because it was Christmas to work through the result. Instead of leaving some aside.

    Thanks to all the testing people who worked over Christmas but there was a breach in the system.

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