BBC Scotland ambulance-chasers give up and move to night-clubs

It’s a month or so now since the last attempt by BBC Scotland to claim lives were being lost due to delays in Scotland’s A&E departments, based on ‘our share’ of estimated deaths in English hospitals with far worse A&E times.

Two days ago, hidden away in the corner of the BBC Health website and never posted on the national pages, the above report paints a disturbing picture of a uniquely NHS England crisis:

Nearly a quarter of patients brought to hospital in an ambulance are facing dangerous delays getting into hospital in England, NHS data shows.

Ambulances are meant to hand over patients within 15 minutes of arriving.

But in the past week 23% out of nearly 84,000 patients brought in waited over 30 minutes.

Staff are warning patients are being put at risk by the delays – and they think the situation is only going to get worse as Covid infections rise.

At seven NHS trusts more than half patients were left waiting over half an hour with nearly two thirds delayed at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust.

This time, there is not attempt to insist things must be as bad in Scotland. There comes a point where even BBC Scotland realises you need some evidence.

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