In the Scotland today, the FM is accused of dishonesty by pub and club owners as she works to save lives again and to maintain Scotland’s lower-than UK average death rate.

In Wales, nobody accused Labour FM Drakeford. Indeed, he accuses members of the public for not getting jagged.

In England, PM Johnson is accused but only by his own extremists in the Conservative party. No pub-owner would ever be front-paged to accuse him of ‘lockdown by stealth.’

Northern Ireland’s FM, Paul Given, has not been accused on anything since 2017 when he was accused of favouring the unionist and loyalist side community by giving grants to more than 30 Orange Order halls.

In Ireland, Taoiseach Micheál Martin, has been accused quite recently but it was on Cop26 commitments.

Only in Scotland, do we have epidemiologists working in every second bar or nightclub and platformed across the media to challenge a public health strategy.


7 thoughts on “J’accuse?

  1. It is one of the Modern Wonders of the World that the FM and the Scottish Government can claim such lasting support from the people of Scotland .
    The Scottish people have been fed ( and this continues unabated ) a constant diet of ”SNPBAAAAAD !” and ”Nicola Sturgeon is the anti-Christ ! ” since 2014 .

    The atrocious English newspapers such as The Express and The Mail ( Scottish editions as Scottish as Scotty’s accent in Star Trek ! ) are bad but they are surpassed by the sheer bile and contempt displayed for Scotland’s Government by The Herald and The Scotsman , with BBC Shortbread attempting ( and succeeding ) to outdo both !
    The Scottish people deserve a MSM who reflect Scottish opinion and NOT the bare-faced lies and distortions that emanate from these enemies of democracy .

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    1. Not sure an MSM that reflects Scottish opinion is what we need. Rather it is an MSM that can accurately report the facts without putting a spin on them that distorts what the facts are especially so in this case where the message is important for public health.

      I thought today’s front page in the Herald was a complete and utter disgrace. What the FM outlines was nothing like a lockdown and to present it in this way was completely irresponsible on the part of the Herald.

      This was an important public health message from the FM and should have been reported to the public in a straightforward manner not reported after it had been put through a mincer.

      Truly the MSM is beyond the pale.

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  2. Scotlands “Neutral” Press:-
    The more they are biased, the lower their sales. The lower their sales the deeper they dig the hole.
    Cheap (and often nasty) agitprop from Brit Nat duds’n’fuds on the “Opinion” pages.
    It doesn’t take a genius to do the maths, or see the correlation of the graphs. But……….?

    Are there knighthoods being doled out? Horse heads in beds?
    I suspect there are deposits in Swiss banks, otherwise it simply does not add up.

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  3. Based on the UK infections announced yesterday, Scotland’s population share would be around 5,000. However due to the cautious approach of the Scottish government and the high numbers of people receiving their booster vaccinations, the Scottish figures, those announced yesterday, are just over 3,000. I have read the doubling time for the Omicron variant is now less than two days! If that is the case, then today’s covid statistics will give an indication if that is the trend.

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  4. So called journalists doing the dirty work of a far right government, they should hang their heads in shame. Real journalists around the world are seriously persecuted for trying to get the facts and truth out to people, the ones in the Scotland are just propagandists, no other word for it really.

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    1. Re my comment , the Scotland? Sigh, I was going to say the Uk but, as the article points out, they tell a very different story depending on which party is in power in any one country of the supposed UK.

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