Care home owners could face criminal charges despite Tory lawyer’s help

From Tom Gordon today:

NICOLA Sturgeon and Jeane Freeman could face criminal charges over the transfer of untested hospital patients into care homes during the Covid pandemic, a lawyer acting for bereaved families has claimed.

Solicitor Advocate Professor Peter Watson said it was “entirely feasible” that the First Minister and her former Health Secretary could be prosecuted.

Two things.

One, the transfer of untested hospital patients into to care homes caused no outbreaks there and killed no residents. We have know for more than a year now that a combination of agency-staff reliance in the larger, corporate or privately-owned homes with maximum occupancy, bare staffing, failed infection procedures and minimal PPE purchasing are to blame.

Care home owners are more likely to face criminal charges.

Two, the creepy Watson is well-known to us. See this from August:

According to the Times today:

A lawyer representing the families of people who died in care homes has demanded a separate Scottish public inquiry into what he called the “state killing” of thousands of elderly residents during the pandemic. Peter Watson, solicitor advocate at PBW Law in Glasgow, said that the Scottish government must atone for mistakes it has itself acknowledged. Watson will give a lecture called “State Killing” at Nova Southeastern University, in Florida, about the government errors that contributed to more than 3,000 care home deaths, a third of all the deaths in Scotland.

Watson was suspended from the judiciary in 2015 after his former law firm –  Levy & McRae, was one of several companies being sued by Heather Capital’s liquidator, Ernst & Young, after the hedge fund’s collapse in 2010. Watson was a director of a company called Mathon Ltd – a key part of the Heather empire. The collapsed hedge fund Heather Capital – run by lawyer Gregory King is now the subject of a Police Scotland investigation and reports to the Crown Office. You can read more at:

Watson was also legal advisor in 2018 to former Scottish Conservative Party vice chairman Richard Cook when BBC Northern Ireland Spotlight investigation linked him to the so-called ‘Dark Money’ Brexit scandal.

I offer the above as background to Watson’s current project to make a killing from court cases brought against the Scottish Government for alleged responsibility for unnecessary care home deaths during the pandemic.

Regular readers, like me, will wonder why he is not planning to pursue the care home owners, on the basis of the clear evidence that many failed to implement proper infection control within places for which they had responsibility to do so. All of the Care Inspectorate reports are freely available on line and a paralegal’s bairn can find the sections mentioning these failures.

The frankly bizarre and disgusting suggestion of ‘state killings’ will take even less time to disprove. While the Health Secretary’s puzzling admission that mistakes were made with regard to hospital discharges, has clearly caused some not-too-bright lawyers to drool, the evidence that these discharges caused no outbreaks and thus no deaths, perhaps even reducing deaths after improved infection control in care homes receiving discharged residents, is numerous and uncontested.

The evidence of a greater number of deaths in the larger, crowded care homes reliant on agency staff travelling from site to site, is also easy to locate.

I’ve done it too many times to count. Just search the blog for ‘care home deaths‘ and you’ll see it.

As for the status of Nova Southeastern University in Florida, try Googling ‘Nova Southeastern University Florida scandal’

Lots to read.

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4 thoughts on “Care home owners could face criminal charges despite Tory lawyer’s help

    fae the pub


  2. This entire farce revolves around SG putting into Scots law the UK’s “4-Nations” response to the incoming pandemic.
    The origin of the legislation cannot be separated from the compulsion to do so under UQ legislation, without contrary evidence of which SG were appraised, which there was not.
    A political stunt even Waldorf T. Flywheel wouldn’t stoop to, but Waldorf T. Watson would, for a fat fee….

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