BBC Scotland shielding even uninvited colleagues of Tory Xmas party-goers

You know those Christmas parties everyone is talking about? BBC Scotland does have a lot on the idea, down the bottom there, but not a word on the ones everyone is talking about. I guess the folk at Pacific Quay haven’t seen Johnson adviser, Allegra Stratton, laughing about the No 10 party or Rees Mogg and party goers haw-hawing about the rules we were all expected to follow, predicting confidently that the Met would not be bursting into the Institute of Economic Affairs party as they were at weddings around the same time:

BBC UK now has two reports on these parties:

Is Reporting Scotland’s Glen Campbell door-stepping Douglas Ross as we write? We know he wasn’t even invited but he does consider them his pals still.

4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland shielding even uninvited colleagues of Tory Xmas party-goers

  1. The ‘Mornings’ programme phone-in dealt with this. The tone, in general, was one of disgust and anger. However, a text was read out which stated that, “We all flaunt the rules all the time, so what is the fuss about?”

    Although this was very much a sole view, Kaye Adams repeated it several times during the programme. Now, I recognise that programme makers want contest, but, clearly, there were almost none contesting the disgust and anger, and yet, the sole view was repeated.

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