NHS Scotland emergency services 18% better than England and improving for 4 weeks now after blip

From the Stand-in

Behind the ball here, once more, the Herald offers us the October A&E waiting time data, for Scotland, of 73.5% seen in 4 hours, only 18% better than NHS England at 61.9%

After two weeks when the figure fell to around 70%, in October, the figures have climbed in November against the usual winter trend.

The average for November is 74%, so far. A local bookie puts NHS England at 10/1 against staying above 60% when they release their November data.




Footnote: The editor is no weel but expects to recover soon.


7 thoughts on “NHS Scotland emergency services 18% better than England and improving for 4 weeks now after blip

  1. I hope the Prof. recovers fully, but thank you to the “Stand In” to keep things going.

    It was good to see the FM batting back to D.Ross and A.Sarwar a few times on how Scotland’s various Health and Covid metrics were currently (and consistently), better than the other UK Nations at the Covid Update in Holyrood today, and then again attacking D.Ross and his negativity for good measure

    Good. Douglas was not a happy wee fella as he sat there listening to a recant of his actions.

    Maybe a wee Christmas Party with his boss will cheer him up. 🙂 It’s bound to be in all the papers..

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  2. Best wishes to the Prof.
    I hope you chaps bombard the Ross and Sarwar email inboxes with your stats. They don’t appear to have them to hand when they keep spouting their negativity.
    Keep up the good work but hit home where it matters. Ms Sturgeon can’t be left to the task of ripping them new ‘vents’ at every Holyrood statement.

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