UK Conservative Government told to ‘get a grip’ on booster rollout

Thanks to Robert for sending me this.

In the wake of Douglas Ross shouting on BBC Scotland, about one or two in Scotland being turned away from a booster jag, we hear from BBC UK that changes to the booster programme in England, trumpeted last week will not be introduced for at least another week and millions have been asked to be patient.

The clip ends with Scotland’s clinical director explaining how it was done.

Reporting Scotland’s Health Correspondent was unavailable for comment but was captured thinking about it:

Reporting Scotland health correspondent uses misleading graph to obscure  lower death rate in Scotland – Talking-up Scotland


7 thoughts on “UK Conservative Government told to ‘get a grip’ on booster rollout

  1. Boris would get on the BEEB one the hour, every hour—no questions asked………giving his usual spiel:—-

    “We will give all and sundry a BOOSTER, by tomorrow.
    Vote for me. Vote Tory. Vote often.

    By the way, I now have a bridge going cheap…… me on my mobile—everyone has the number”!

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    1. You will not hear this on the ABC ( BBC)
      And it comes from a director of Age Concern
      And along these lines
      It terrifying to know that to date ( 3rd Dec) that only 25 % of care home residents in England have received their
      Booster jab
      This clearly demonstrates the current state that GP practices and the health service has been allowed to sink too
      Can any on here check such data for England and Scotland

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  2. Our Scottish Beeb health reporter looks half dead in the photo you have posted. Maybe she should go to the highly infectious hospitals in England for a check up as according to her ilk ours are super dangerous. Oh, and don’t come back, please.

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  3. Are the English government trying to ensure even more people get ill? Or are they utterly incompetent, and can no longer hide it. I swither between the idea that the British nationalist government are just incompetent, or just cunning scheming liars, or both. Either way they should be nowhere near the levers of power.

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  4. Indeed Hugh Pym’s report was a refreshing reminder the BBC are capable of balanced and honest reporting, only in Scotland is such journalism rewarded with a P45.

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