I think we know who is creepy

Today, in the Herald, the kind of unsubstantiated rant you might hear in a pub:

If you know a bit about anything, it’s hard not to laugh at this but remember it’s in a newspaper.

Patrick Harvie may have over-stated the link between the supporting the oil industry and right-wing, but creepy?

As for the rest, he has no quotes. I’ve never seen anything like them.

The refuse collectors were prompted by Scottish Labour and the GMB’s support for Trident and fracking suggests that their marching with climate change activists was a bit…creepy?

We’ve been here before with Kevin.

In October 2016, he wrote:

 ‘There is a curiously illiberal and reactionary strain running through its (SNP) core which seems to belie its socialist credentials’

Here were his claims:

  • Named Person Scheme was soundly trashed
  • A Party whose language is a Caledonian version of Orwellian double-speak
  • Army of superannuated advisors
  • Critics howled down and accused of pandering to paedophiles
  • Christian groups jeered and intimidated
  • Encouraged by a bunch of indolent academics

Here are SNP actions he clearly didn’t like:

  • Named Person Scheme
  • Prisoners’ Voting Rights
  • New Women’s Prison
  • Minimum Alcohol Pricing
  • Police Scotland
  • Offensive behaviour at Football Act

I don’t know if the many recent repeated child abuse scandals in the, mostly, RC ‘care’ homes or in the, mostly, Celtic boy’s clubs, have moderated his opposition to the Named Person Scheme or if he now wishes we had kept the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, in the wake of last season’s events.

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7 thoughts on “I think we know who is creepy

  1. He’s got it all in there. Creepy, disrespectful, antisocial behaviour, gas lighting, job destroying, economy wrecking, with an unhealthy obsession with family life and human relationships, rights removing, soliciting votes of working class communities, drunken alcoholics, and, akin to brutish parents assaulting their children. The perfect description for the British nationalist government in London. Well done Mr. Mckenna.

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  2. Yup, lets hear it for Kevin McKenna, the most pretentious, least entertaining, and most transparent of any of Her Majesties embedded hacks.

    “I’m a YESSER, but here are all the fake reasons to vote NO” !
    (send the check to) :-
    MI5 Black Ops………….
    Colonies Dept………..
    Thames House…………..

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  3. Padre Gammon De Jure, Commissar of the Brit Nat Liberation Front.

    You might have though he would have a small piece on the Anglo-Irish Treaty of a century ago, given his pre-disposition to explaining his “Oirishness” as his special badge of martyrdom.

    (I almost said special branch, but that is a different story, as they say).


    1. He comes across more Byres Road than Janefield Street to me.

      Pretentious man of the people, ‘Je suis un partisan de l’indépendance’.

      I remember pre 2014 his weekly Observer column, didn’t seem much of an independence supporter then, unionist to the core is how he wrote.

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  4. It’s ”Creepy ” how a supposed supporter of Independence in one newspaper can be the stereotypical unionist moaner in another ( from the same stable , too ! )
    Actually , more a Jekyll and Hyde performance !

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