Common sense expertise rather than a moral panic from outraged gammons?

From heisker

It’s hard to believe how differently BBC Scotland operate compared to any of the other nations and regions. I guess they are led by their editors and managers – as well as “Westminster) government policy”.

There appears to be a wee bit of a storm about a young people’s lifestyle survey at the moment. I took a few minutes to update the BBC in case they are looking for some common sense expertise rather than “outraged gammon”. Really disappointing to see ALBA jumping onto a fundamentalist hobby horse.

Anyway, this is what I emailed to BBC Scotland:

“The moral panic over this issue has been around for at least 4 decades. Your occasional guest on Shereen’s show, Martin Raymond will be well aware of all the challenges.

These surveys have been going on in Scottish schools for at least 30 years and the information they provide have guided many different health services focused on preventing harm to young people. Whether it is smoking, drinking, drugs or sex – it is so important to know what kind of services to provide and tailor them accordingly.

World expertise back in the 1980s was at Edinburgh University, with research funded regularly by the then Scottish Office (Tory led and Labour led).

The fundamentalist churches were oppositional from time to time, but the vast majority of folk appreciated that whilst such studies are very sensitive, they are very valuable.

The key researcher at the time was a Dr Candace Currie, now Professor:

Earlier moral panics poked here:
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3 thoughts on “Common sense expertise rather than a moral panic from outraged gammons?

  1. I seem to recall there was a Tory junior Minister at the Scottish Office, who could not promote AIDs advice as his mother wouldn’t understand male “gay” sex.
    It later transpired the Tory Minister was himself gay.
    I think it was in the eighties, but I don’t recall a name.

    What a tangled web we weave…………………….in the name of “decency”!

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  2. An excellent post restoring welcome perspective to some of the more ludicrous distortions appearing from various shady corners of late and infecting the body politic.


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