‘Sarwar should be struck off’

From Bob Lamont

“Human Shield” ? For the Health Board ?
That 23 clinicians are so sick of his nonsense that they felt obliged to complain officially is almost unheard of, yet Sarwar creates another conspiracy to cover up his own transgressions, he becomes more preposterous by the day..

As commented upthread, Sarwar’s medical training as a dentist enables him to distinguish between a preventative medication and one targeting an existing condition. In encouraging Mrs Darroch’s mistaken perception from her husband’s case notes of “treatment for an infection”, be is knowingly promoting a falsehood.

I do not doubt for a moment the grief and anger felt by Slorance and Darroch at losing husband and daughter respectively, but that this should be serially abused for political purposes by the BBC, Sarwar et al beggars belief.

At the very least, Sarwar should be struck off for bringing the medical profession into disrepute. What censures are available to Holyrood with regard Sarwar and Baillie bringing Parliament into disrepute should not be overlooked either, their behaviour has been despicable.

7 thoughts on “‘Sarwar should be struck off’

  1. Two family members have been treated as in patients in the QEH. I was there recently and it was spotless. This is nothing but politics. Or is he trying to help Boris to privatise the Scottish NHS.
    He is not fit for office.

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  2. The SNHS took out my tonsils and adenoids IM STILL HERE!
    The SNHS fixed my Brocken college bone IM STILL HERE
    The SNHS removed a pieces of wood from my hand IM STILL HERE
    The SNHS took out my spleen.
    The SNHS took out my gaulbladder and appendix I’M STILL HERE
    The SNHS fixed my fractured skull Broken nose broken ribs arm and foot
    The SNHS fixed my broken face

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