Hospital infections in Scotland 8 times less common than UK

How BBC Scotland prefers to portray our hospitals

From cuckooshoe:

In the Nursing Times on the 23rd July 2021 on the incidence and impact of Hospital Acquired Infections. The study was commissioned by the Scottish government and conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University.

“It found that 7,500 hospital patients, or one in every 100, develop HAIs each year – costing NHS Scotland £46.4m annually.

This equates to 1.1% of patients in Scotland acquiring HAIs, which compared favourably with previous estimates in the UK (7.8%) and recent studies in wider Europe (3%), said the researchers.”


7 thoughts on “Hospital infections in Scotland 8 times less common than UK

      1. Sorry guys, it will be a BBC Scotland special on the Great British Army now wandering about in Aberdeenshire fields getting in the way of the engineers who are trying to repair the transmission lines following storm Arwen.

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        1. I hope Ana’s Sarwar
          Gets to his feet on FMQ’s next week and apologises to the FM for the rubbish he has been spouting. Why would anybody cover up problems in hospitals. To accuse anybody of deliberately putting people at risk is just petty politics
          and scaremongering.


  1. My son-in-law had a heart attack nearly four weeks ago and was well treated in a top Oxford hospital, fitted with a stent and allowed home on the 3rd day. Unfortunately he was discovered to have acquired a Covid infection there and had to isolate as a result.
    Despie this, though not surprising, my daughter tested positive a week later and has had a pretty rough time, though now on the mend, Her husband, now doing well and on a rehabilitation plan, had had the booster but she had not,

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  2. Not sure how I missed that original BBC article in September, but all drains have U bends or similar acting as an impenetrable barrier to smells, and bugs unless equipped as the SNS with advanced scuba gear.
    What idiot wrote this nonsense with no knowledge of water ? Sub-Lt Andrew Bowie perchance ?

    As a double check on Bowie’s entry and exit rank from the Navy before posting I checked Wikipedia, and oh boy has somebody been busy “correcting”….

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