Reporting Scotland presents ’23 senior clinicians?’ Well not really.

Near the end of the show, here they come!

Wait, no, that’s not them. That’s a Scottish Labour seminar on how to exploit grieving parents for political gain.

What, not even one of the clinicians to tell us what was unfounded?

No time for that? Just a visual reminder that its not about those clinicians?

What is Anas listening to on his phone – Radiohead? I’m a creep?’


6 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland presents ’23 senior clinicians?’ Well not really.

  1. BBC Hootsmon— if no one listens to their pish (and fewer do), does a tree really fall in the woods—do clinicians really rebuke “Scorrish” Labour?

    I’m sure Starwars was listening to his latest orders from above (no, not Gawd) and Baillie was taking off her mask to reveal—–
    ARGH !!!!!!!!!……..a False Face!
    But we all knew THAT, didn’t we!

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  2. ABC ( BBC) would be well advised to proceed with caution regarding their reports and their hidden relationship with Unionist politicians
    1 Obviously the Medical team are almost at the end of their tether now
    If ABC more or less continue along similar lines
    Then the medics have the ability to seriously up the ante here
    By various means and avenues
    One of which would be akin to throwing a grenade with the pin out into the room
    By publishing a open letter to the SG
    Stating that their concerns are of such
    A serious nature that they feel that such
    Is now having a most serious effect upon
    Their abilities to conduct their medical duties in a proper,safe and effective way
    And going as far to state if these matters not attended to as a matter of urgency
    Then a internal review must held , The purpose of which is to give serious consideration to temporary withdrawal of certain treatments until a permanent
    Solution to this serious matter is brought
    To a successful conclusion to the benifit
    Of all SHNS staff and our patients
    To sharpen focus serious debate is ongoing on a basis of working to rule
    If a inadequate response received
    Finally we will NOT put these matters to rest until resolution found and solely on the basis of the Duty of Care we must exercise at all times for those under our care and fellow members of staff
    BBC the ball is now firmly in your court
    We look forward to receiving your response expeditiously and no later than 48 hrs from this commmunication

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  3. Are 23 ‘Senior Clinicians’ equal to one Baillie and a Sarwar ?
    How many Senior Clinicians to a Lisa Summers ?
    Does a Baillie and Sarwar equal a Lisa Summers ?

    Asking for a concerned Ambulance Chaser !

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  4. Labour and BBC in Scotland double down on their propaganda game by platforming Louise Slorance and Kimberly Darroch in response to 23 clinicians objecting to their hospital and staff being abused by a smear campaign.

    Is it myopic of Labour and the BBC to insist on keeping this particular propaganda game alive, ignoring as they are the enormity of what these clinicians have done – In committing to a unified complaint to SG over this propaganda war, driven principally by the BBC and Labour, the BBC and Labour are actually asking the public to believe them over hospital professionals.

    Their arrogance never fails to surprise me…

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