Labour Scandal: Human beings accuse Sarwar of using parental trauma as weapon

Clearly fed-up of Sarwar’s serial attacks on them, over a range of unsubstantiated reports of pigeon poo fungal infections ‘linked’ to deaths or of infecting care homes with their discharges, 23 senior clinicians, all superior intellects with a more ethical approach to their work than him, they have at last come together to write a defence.

Does anyone really believe that 23 highly-qualified professionals have been coerced by the board into providing a shield for them?

Anyone who has worked in a reasonably functional institution like a hospital, a university or a big school would know that such a thing was impossible. It’d be like herding cats, as they say.

Even in the wholly dysfunctional Labour Party, you couldn’t muster that many to be a human shield for their leaders. Name me 23 prominent Scottish Labour politicians prepared to say Sarwar does a good job. A fair number must be mortally offended by his habits.

10 thoughts on “Labour Scandal: Human beings accuse Sarwar of using parental trauma as weapon

      1. There is no Scottish Liebour…. it’s one big lying London Centric Liebour. ALWAYS working against the interests of Scotland and Scots People.


  1. Maybe Sarwar had a wee call from his London Tory/Labour masters, because they certainly like to undermine and create distrust and doubt about the real professionals in health, care and even law. Quite sinister when you have politicians taking a very large sum from the public purse, going over the heads of trained and experienced professionals in their specific field and all to score political points, but of course the media are complicit, which is even more sinister.

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  2. Sarwar’s and the media’s machinations created a very embarrassing situation for two grief-stricken women – Mrs Slorance and Millie Main’s mother. They were asked about the letter from the Medical specialists and, immediately, they said that they were not blaming any of the medical staff, and that the service provided had been exemplary. They then said they were complaining about the Health Board and the building.

    However, although the Health Board has responsibility for the hospital, the day-to-day running of the hospital is carried out by c10000 staff from senior medial consultants, to nurses, technicians, cleaners, janitors, engineers, clerical staff, etc. etc. Any errors and failures occurring in the hospital are to a great extent due to these members of staff, no matter how well motivated they are. They, like the rest of us are humans and despite trying to do our best at all times, make mistakes. And, when these mistakes or misjudgements (and in a medical situation, judgements, which have a degree of uncertainty inherent, are key factors in treatment) are made and there are significant consequences, then there has to be an investigation, and, in most cases there will be culpability on the part of some staff. In most cases, the culpability does not imply carelessness by staff. There are often unforeseen circumstances which tipped the balance against judgements made in good faith. In a very few cases, there will be errors of omission or commission, which merit consequences, up to and including dismissal.

    Now, in her first interview, Mrs Slorance was accusing staff of misleading her. However, in the circumstances, I am prepared to cut her some slack: her husband had died. He had been seriously ill, he had caught a further infection in the hospital. This infection, his cancer, the treatment and, perhaps other factors all to some extent contributed to his death. In the case of a fatality like this, then there would, routinely, be an investigation, partly to explain the death, but also to inform future practices. It was being claimed that some facts had been covered up. Whatever, these facts were, if, indeed, there are any then several staff, at various levels, in addition to Health Board members, would have known about them.

    So, with such accusations staff are being accused.

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    1. Indeed true, the extent to which cases are regularly reviewed is a rarely publicised feature of modern hospital practice, where they lose a patient, every tiny detail is intensively pored over yet again for clues.

      The Millie Main and Andrew Slorance cases will be two of the most intensively minutely examined in medical history due to the politically motivated publicity over them.

      Mrs Slorance’s “cover-up” pivots on “treatment for an infection”, her own interpretation on an entry on her late husband’s case notes.

      Whereas Mrs Slorance may not be able to distinguish between a “preventative” administered to a patient with a highly compromised immune system as opposed to treatment for a live infection, Anas Sarwar as a qualified dentist who was medically trained most certainly does.

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  3. “Human Shield” ? For the Health Board ?
    That 23 clinicians are so sick of his nonsense that they felt obliged to complain officially is almost unheard of, yet Sarwar creates another conspiracy to cover up his own transgressions, he becomes more preposterous by the day..

    As commented upthread, Sarwar’s medical training as a dentist enables him to distinguish between a preventative medication and one targeting an existing condition. In encouraging Mrs Darroch’s mistaken perception from her husband’s case notes of “treatment for an infection”, be is knowingly promoting a falsehood.

    I do not doubt for a moment the grief and anger felt by Slorance and Darroch at losing husband and daughter respectively, but that this should be serially abused for political purposes by the BBC, Sarwar et al beggars belief.

    At the very least, Sarwar should be struck off for bringing the medical profession into disrepute.
    What censures are available to Holyrood with regard Sarwar and Baillie bringing Parliament into disrepute should not be overlooked either, their behaviour has been despicable.

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    1. Bob, your comments are excellent and deserve an article to themselves – the medical profession should go after Sarwar and strike him off for the reasons you state and Parliament should be looking at the behaviour of all three leaders regarding their coordinated attacks on our NHS.

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