Alex Massie still able to fool his bosses that he knows about Scottish Politics

Feeding English readers of the Times and the Spectatory with comfortable myths, the notion that Ross and Sarwar are teamed-up is one of his funniest. He writes:

For the second week in a row, Douglas Ross used his time at first minister’s questions to ask about crime and Anas Sarwar used his to inquire into the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s disagreeable habit of allowing patients to catch deadly infections. And for the second week in a row, Nicola Sturgeon received a drubbing, a doing, a shoeing — call it what you will — that might be more widely remarked upon if more people watched these encounters.

The Ross-Sarwar tag team crime-and-health assault on the first minister’s record has proved so effective I begin to wonder whether the opposition parties might quietly be sharing their plans for attack in advance of these weekly encounters.

Remember, the leader debates when Sarwar, all Sixth Form Prefect, told Ross to ‘grow up?’

That they both use the same topics repeatedly, health, crime and schools, is not evidence of team spirit but rather that they have nothing else but picking at infinitely improvable services in a proxy war, careless of the morale of workers, aimed at the SNP.

That this highly capable politician gets ‘a drubbing, a doing, a shoeing‘ just as Ruth Davidson used to fetishize, is tasteless, misogynistic and, of course, evidence that he watches the exchanges without staying for her thorough and rational, rather than pugilistic, dismantling of their arguments.

Finally, that she is on the ropes is wilful or lazy representation of the facts:

And in the Times poll perhaps prompting this Massie:

  1. Sturgeon plus 12
  2. Ross minus 38
  3. Johnson minus 62
  4. Sarwar minus too much to report?

Ross and Sarwar fall to lowest approval ratings ever.

7 thoughts on “Alex Massie still able to fool his bosses that he knows about Scottish Politics

  1. That you can earn a crust in an English paper by bad-mouthing your own country, is no surprise.
    Feed anti-Scottish prejudice by stereotypical “purritch and shortbread” guff.

    Independence will see these people having to make an HONEST living, which they are terrified of.

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  2. In a sense he is correct in that there isn’t a fag paper between the Tories and Labour these days.
    I see the leader of the Great British Labour party is trying to stop Corbyn from being an MP.
    Can’t have any of these socialists in the New Labour party.
    Socialism is a dirty word in the US of A and it’s 51st state,England.

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  3. Just read Massie in the Spectator.

    Essentially it boils down to–“you are a colony, and powerless, so what is the point of an independence party”?

    That is a dangerous philosophy as it denies Scotland the same democratic rights as exist in England (where Theresa may was able to offer a second Brexit referendum 3 years after the first, without any electoral mandate, or parliamentary majority–Labour refused the offer) or Norther Ireland, which was written into the UK constitution its “right of self-determination”.

    Without the carrot of democratic rights, why would Scots still use the ballot box? Why would they not bring out the “stick”?
    The answer lies in IRELANDS history, which Massie (like many of the Brit Nat commentariat) may never have read, or considered pertinent.

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  4. Sorry I do agree with Massie on Sturgeon’s performance on FMQT recently which in my opinion for some reason now has been less than her usual confident self especially in relation to Sarwar’s tirade on NHS infections. At times she looks weary but alas she is not the only one.. time and time again SNP Ministers seem to be adopting this apologetic mode which is becoming very irritating. I don’t know if it’s this ‘consensual’ political approach that was seemingly adopted after Salmond’s departure (I feel he would have torn Sarwar and DRossie to bits in similar circumstances). Methinks John the whole Ministerial brigade could benefit from one of your seminars on handling such hostile questions with your armoury of facts.


    1. The FM of Scotland has a heck of a job, I wouldn’t do it for all the oil money the EngGov have stolen from Scotland actually. (£trillions).
      Nicola Sturgeon a massive responsibility in the job as FM, as expected. However, she also has to navigate the dreadful London English so called, ‘UK’ government who constantly put barriers in the way of anything they can that she does FOR Scotland, and with Covid pandemic, even over ruling her role as FM in protecting the people of Scotland. Add to that the 100% anti SNP, anti independence, anti the FM media, and even threats towards her on some platforms of social media and it must take it’s toll.

      Also of course being made to sit and answer questions for EIGHT whole hours re the charges made against her by the unionists last year, (not seen any Tory sat for 8 hours answering questions about their PPE scams and without doubt, their corruption etc! )and now the disgraceful and sinister ploy to undermine the FM in her role and falsely reporting her imminent demise as FM, and now the attack dogs are out, they want blood and you know why, because COP26 shone a light on Scotland, and in particular the work of the democratically elected government of Scotland, they saw how good a job the SNP and the FM are doing. So many people really saw how the British state works against Scotland more importantly the fact that Nicola Sturgeon is working with LIMITED POWERS, with even some being removed as we speak by the BritNat state. I reckon she does a good job to stay sane quite frankly, and we’d all look very very tired especially after the last almost 2 years of pandemic and them COP26 etc.

      Yes the softly softly is not going to work the BritNats at Holyrood are emboldened, who knows what instructions and orders they are given from Westminster cabal, and who knows what they know that the FM in fact does not!

      I predict a coup in all but name on Scotland and the way the BritNats have been talking as if the FM is either going to give up or be made to give up, I find very sinister indeed. The demoralising can’t be good for anyone and it’s an assault on the people of Scotland as well…demonising the FM, (and the Britnats HATE that she is well liked and respected in so many countries as a strong female politician) is designed to instill doubt, sow division and encourage people to dislike and be suspicious of the FM. They will do anything to make sure Nicola Sturgeon does not take Scotland to independence, and that is what’s so sinister.

      Just to add also the fact the civil servants and England’s secretary of the BritNat state in Scotland are all installed by the EngGov must be an added strain because the FM has to watch what she does and says, she will be being watched 24/7, and well, who knows what goes on there but she is up against the Brit state, a powerful force to be reckoned with to say the very least.

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      1. Well said, ArtyHetty, it’s disgraceful the way in which she is being demonised by the Westmonsters, and we don’t need our ain folk giving them any succour – so let’s get behind her and be very thankful she hasn’t deserted us.

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  5. Arty I wholeheartedly agree with what you say but I guess what I’m attempting to say, rather clumsily, that attack is perhaps in some instances the better option. As John frequently shows many of these accusations from Sarwar are completely unfounded and some are plainly manufactured and I’m surprised, indeed frustrated, that the FM does not use these to her advantage. On occasions recently I do not feel she has been adequately briefed but I’m not just singling out our FM in this many SNP ministers do not come across well especially when questioned by our hostile media and with some polls still showing clear division in Scots attitude to Indy they need to step up a gear. Indeed it concerns me that with such an incompetent UK gov and inept PM, Brexit failures and corruption scandals at Westminster we should be seeing a much stronger support for Indy.

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