As new variant arrives in UK infection rate in England soars to twice that in Scotland

The Herald makes no attempt to tell you anything useful, with:

SCOTLAND has recorded 17 coronavirus deaths and 2,287 new cases in the past 24 hours, the latest Scottish Government figures show.

The death toll under this daily measure – of people who first tested positive for the virus within the previous 28 days – now stands at 9,562.

2 287 is down from 2 888 in the previous 24 hours and is the lowest number of cases since November 9th. There are 727 in hospital, down from more than 1 100 in late September and only 53 in ICU, the lowest figure since August 29th.

The infection rate in England was 42 272, nearly twice that in Scotland after surging ahead on November 14th.

BBC Scotland is not reporting any comparative figures and is still using graphs with 10 day-old data:


3 thoughts on “As new variant arrives in UK infection rate in England soars to twice that in Scotland

  1. It has taken a very long time with much effort and extremely proficient work in Scotland to bring new infections into some form of manageable control
    But also the reverse case for England, the rising case numbers beginning to move out of a controllable situation
    This does not bode well for all but more so for England as Omicron now found in England
    No doubt the time lag is mostly due to
    However if Omicron mutation turns out to be able to reduce vaccine efficacy them we are all in serious trouble
    Especially so for England as the cavalier
    Attitude of Boris,England’s populace and a very pro Bojo MSM will rapidly come into play
    Nature designed this little virus to mutate, the sole purpose of which is to ensure evolutionary success
    But with The mutation Omicron
    3 possibilities exit all due to the random
    Nature of the 30+ changes to its spike protein structures
    A. More highly transmittable ( almost certain)
    B. Just possible but slight chance due to large number of changes, that a few of the changes negate its ability to be more harmful ( unlikely )
    C. Able to considerablh outwit the vaccines that rely on the spike identification, if such seriously reduces efficacy then we all in big trouble ( 50/ 50 chance at this moment of time )
    If C.Above becomes reality then Westminster feet must be put to the roaring fire, due to their sheer stupid actions with the Valneva vaccine which deploys whole virus recognition of the virus as opossed to only concentrating on the spike

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    1. They cancelled it because it is Scottish Scientists and Brains behind this and they have had several centuries to be the best at it in the World.
      The French company recognises this which is why they placed their money and future here in Scotland in this new investment.
      To hear not a word from the Scottish Government to immediately take over the cancelled English contract was disappointing.
      Scottish money should support this company to reach absolute maximum output as quickly as possible.

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