Scottish newspaper hides Scottish vaccine rollout success

In the Scotsman today:

Covid: Vaccine has saved almost 28,000 lives in Scotland, study says

Thousands of people in Scotland are still alive today because of the coronavirus vaccine, a new study has said.

What, I thought you said they were hiding the vaccine rollout success?

They have praised it but have carefully avoided any comparison with, for example, England.

Like this in that new study they clearly have looked at:;jsessionid=8ZS6S3PfGmyJqpIybH40mmdy.i-0b3d9850f4681504f-ecdclive

Notice anything. Remember how Johnson brayed about the ‘UK’ world-beating vaccine rollout?’ Remember how he drooled over NHS Scotland’s supposed lack of resilience?

Notice anything at the bottom of that table?

Note Scotland’s vaccine rollout was about 25% better?

Imagine how many deaths Johnson could have averted had he followed Sturgeon’s lead?

30 000? More?

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One thought on “Scottish newspaper hides Scottish vaccine rollout success

  1. Johnson is declaring he has sweeties for Scotland today, at least that’s what he said in parliament when avoiding difficult questions from Ian Blackford earlier this week.
    He said, ha ha, blah blah, blah blah blah! I’ll be announcing some wee trinkets for you pathetic subsidy junkies on on on Friday, so shut up, be grateful and stop whining lol!

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