Royal College fails to find ambulances queuing outside Scottish hospitals

According to BBC Health but nowhere on the BBC Scotland website:

The Royal College surveyed A&E departments across the UK between 8 and 14 November, receiving responses from 70 of about 230 units. During that week:

  • 94% of clinical directors said that ambulances had been held outside their buildings at some point before patients could be taken into the hospital
  • 61% said ambulances were being forced to queue every day
  • About half of emergency departments said care had been provided to patients in non-medical areas such as corridors every day

For once, I managed to get the data but of course a breakdown of the responses for the 4 NHS areas was not available.

However, I did find that only 4 unnamed Scottish health boards responded.

We don’t know if any of them are in the responses bulleted above.

We can be sure that if Reporting Scotland had so much as one decent photo as evidence, we’d know all about it.

Surely Anas Sarwar could just make up two whistleblowers?

5 thoughts on “Royal College fails to find ambulances queuing outside Scottish hospitals

  1. It has been quite noticeable whenever Reporting Scotland or the MSM report on A&Es under pressure they never illustrate their reports with photos of queues of ambulances, patients lying on trolleys or queuing outside wrapped in blankets. All of which accompanies reports of A&Es under pressure down south.

    Funny that.

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    1. I don’t think any here are quite so restrained in stating the obvious, it’s not funny, it’s tragic.
      When all the media can do is obfuscate and obscure for blatantly political purpose we are no longer “we” but “we according to they”.

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  2. The findings of the Royal College survey featured on Radio 4 this morning. The 8am news bulletin included information from this report and in scope referred just to ‘the NHS’.

    Later in the Today programme a spokesperson for the Royal College was interviewed on the subject. In the course of this he directed his remarks in one answer to the NHS specifically in England.

    By the Radio 4 news bulletin at 9am the news reader’s script had been changed: same issue was now being framed explicitly as ‘across the UK’ .

    Notwithstanding the time devoted to the issue by the Today programme, no opposition politician was interviewed and no opposition party’s view was given. No UK government health minister was interviewed or even mentioned.

    However, the Today programme referred towards the end of the interview to (in terms) the UK government’s delivery of additional resources for the ‘NHS’ which the spokesperson for the Royal College acknowledged. So a good effort by the BBC to leave listeners with a positive regarding the Tory government!

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