Stay and fight for a better Britain? Peppa Pigs might fly

Peppa Pig Boris Johnson

Following a series of bare 1 or 2% leads for Labour in recent polls and a tie on the 21st November, the PM’s rambling, ‘unforgiveable’ speech on the 22nd seems to have have even improved his appeal, in the Kantar poll based on responses from the 18th to the 22nd, with a 3% lead for the Cons.

The message for Scots is clear – don’t be pig-ignorant. Give up on Labour and save your bacon!


2 thoughts on “Stay and fight for a better Britain? Peppa Pigs might fly

  1. Pig ignorance, the decline of reason, and the elevation of the Boris Porkie Pie.
    Starring Cameroon and the Dead Pig Girlfriend Substitute Society.

    The South of England LIKE Boris, no matter what.
    The North of England WANT to still like Boris, even as he does the dirty.
    Most Welsh people dislike him.
    Some in Norn Iron want to TRUST him, against all evidence.

    Scots in the main, dont like him, trust him or respect him.
    Some, a small minority led by an idiot, grovel at his feet.
    As does BBC Hootsmon.

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