Welsh, Scottish and English Labour confused on child poverty

So Welsh ‘nationalists’ accuse Welsh Labour of a scandal in their oversight of the highest level of child poverty in the UK?

In Scotland, Scottish Labour accuse Scottish ‘nationalists’ over a scandal in having the lowest level of child poverty in the UK?

And in England, English Labour accuse English National Part of scandal in having the second-highest level of child poverty in the UK?

2 thoughts on “Welsh, Scottish and English Labour confused on child poverty

  1. Do they say HOW they’d reduce child poverty at all?
    ‘Recovery parliament’? What, have a London HQ’d party at the helm again in Scotland? No thanks, Scotland’s been ‘recovering’ and still is, from their ten year tenure where they did absolutely NOTHING whatsoever good for Scotland. They sent £billions BACK to WM saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’, not health, social care, education, infrastructure etc, and certainly not on reducing child poverty or mitigating cuts to the poorest by their Labour and Tory masters in London.

    These people must NEVER be allowed to get anywhere near the levers of power in Scotland again, and the SNP should shout to the rooftops how ‘Scottish’ Labour plunged Scottish councils into £BILLIONS of debt with their PFI scams. Now they are in coalition with the Tories in a few councils in Scotland, their brass neck is massive! Labour would wreck Scotland’s economy, public services and communities even more than they did in their TEN years at Holyrood, and of course GCC, they operated like the mafia. Labour should never be trusted, they think people are zipped up the back don’t they.

    Labour are a dreadful pretendy lefty party, who totally shafted the people of Scotland, never again.

    The SNP have a job on their hands repairing the terrible damage wrought on Scotland by the Labour party, it’s going to take some time yet though and while having to deal with an ever more hard right wing administration in London, it’s a mountain to climb for sure.


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