BBC England’s ‘great Covid success’ doesn’t survive collision with facts

Above, from the only good Scottish Labour MSP ever, scientists’ reaction to growing BBC schadenfreude regarding Germanic lockdowns, and vaccine jingoism, easily exposed by simply looking at the data from the whole pandemic:

5 thoughts on “BBC England’s ‘great Covid success’ doesn’t survive collision with facts

  1. ON Ch4 News last night, Mr Jeremy Hunt was making his play to replace Johnson, with a very gentle and friendly interview by the normally nastily snooty, Cathy Newman. He, too, spoke of ‘the incredible success’ of the vaccine programme.

    Ms Newman’s interview looked as if she was auditioning for the kind of role Laura Kuennsberg has with Johnson, with potential new PM Hunt. They were both at Chaterhouse School, doncha know? Old Carthusians sticking together?

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  2. I noticed today that excluding 12 and unders from the population lets uk gov claim over 80% vaccination when it’s only 68.5% . This pockle is now spreading into comparison charts in ft and reuters!

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  3. I have been mouthing off about this for days, they keep doing this, Brazil, India etc. etc. Thankfully we having Travelling Tabby to help us get to fact.
    Does MI5 have input to all media editors? Shameful when did truth get bumped. The FT and Reuters should check before they copy and paste.
    Well done Malcolm.

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  4. Has the BBC reported on the vaccine made in Scotland that’s been rejected by the EngGov?
    The BritNats should take credit for nothing, they have overseen the deaths of so many in the UK, they should be up in front of the courts!

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