Do they really think we’ve forgotten her?

It’s a longstanding tendency at Reporting Scotland to conceal interviewees’ association with opposition parties or groups with a Unionist agenda but Eleanor Bradford, really?

Five years after Bradford left to be replaced by the perhaps even-less-capable, Lisa Summers, Bradford pops up with no mention of her past to be presented as another ‘mother’ let down by agencies responsible to the Scottish Government.

In a Drivetime interview, with old colleagues such as John Beattie, fully presented on the website, there’s not a suggestion of her former employment with BBC Scotland.

It’s a tragic tale, most of us would prefer to reflect on quietly and wonder what we might have done differently, but for Bradford, it’s an opportunity to apply journalistic ‘ethics’ and get a story out of it. At the same time she returns to her old habits of attacking Scottish institutions based on unreliable evidence. This time, it just her, herself, accusing the adoption services of failure to support her.

Notably, in 2015, it was a different story:

Two years after the adoption and no apparent need for help?

Another six years and the adoption services are still responsible? What about the social work or education departments in the local authority?

Bradford claims:

Figures from Adoption UK suggest about 3% to 4% of adoptions break down each year.

They also said three-quarters of adoptive parents struggle to access the support their children required, in some cases to overcome profound challenges.

It said the lack of a central provision of support was “particularly acute” in Scotland.

Yet, the word ‘acute’ does not appear and these summaries tell a different story:
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10 thoughts on “Do they really think we’ve forgotten her?

  1. Clocked her straightaway, I remember her well for her negative reports on all things related to health in Scotland. John Beattie will be cock a hoop to get this “exclusive”

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  2. This has been a BBC Hootsmon in- house, out-house, exclusive*, brought to you by the Fey-Rat Collective of Defective Brit Nit “hacks-for-hire”.
    *Exclusive–no one else would touch this stuff.

    Meanwhile, censored by Scotland’s colonial mejah—

    “Labour will stay neutral in any N Ireland Unity Referendum”!
    “Welsh Labour Constitutional Commission to examine independence”.
    “Labour in pact with Nationalist SDLP”.
    “Welsh Labour in pact with Nationalist Plaid Cymru”.
    “Scottish Labour in pact with DRossie”!

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  3. I am really surprised Bradford still lives in Scotland.
    She seemed to hate the country, its people and everything about it.

    Nothing positive, nothing nice, nothing, just nothing at all.

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  4. The number of car radios I wrecked trying to turn the damn thing off when Reporting Scotland would begin with “And now a special report from our health correspondent Elean..” If my aim or timing was out, they got as far as the “B”.

    I knew then what biased nonsense would be coming and I had enough to cope with just driving.

    I am sorry BBC Scotland, but you are in deep trouble if you are now trying to pass Eleanor Bradford off as just a normal mum.

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  5. While I agree with the main thesis of this article and wonder what Ms Bradford’s job ‘in communications in Moray’ entail, on a personal level I have good memories of my only personal contact with Ms Bradford.

    I was involved in a project in Bishopbriggs around 10 years ago promoting cycling amongst primary schools. We invited Ms Bradford to visit and, to our surprise she came, with a film crew and spent a fair amount of time with the young people and, indeed, agreed to sit in a bike trailer to be conveyed around. She was very personable and seemed to be sincere in her interest in the project. She gave a very upbeat report on Reporting Scotland.

    After that, I used to pass her on many mornings as she cycled from her home near Glasgow Green and I cycled towards the Green en route to a project in Carmyle. She always acknowledged my presence.

    It was clear that she and her husband were pretty well-connected. There are two potential ‘communications jobs’ in Moray which might be appropriate for her and her husband – at the military base at Lossiemouth or as a press officer for a DRoss.

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  6. I heard the complete interview when first Broadcast on Tuesday john Beattie’s show. . . He did point out that she was an ex colleague.

    EB Said that the adoption was great for first 4 / 5 yrs but the child went on to show they had no empathy or morals.
    EB did not take any responsibility for this although she had the child for years before these traits manifested themselves.

    EB said that as the child was adopted she received no social care backup so that all that was available would be to have paid for it herself. As her relationship with the child broke down are we to assume that no professional help was paid for.

    I didn’t detect any admission of fault on her part.

    Today the case was broadcast again . A guy from Ayr came on, he had adopted a child, said help was always available. Finished off saying he had been told if any problems arose in the future to get back in touch with social work. .

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  7. What about the child. Is this even legal? Discussing it on MSM. What if the rejected child finds out they are being discussed on national radio.


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