Scottish Tory misreads expert advice on drugs

Sunday Express

You’d have to laugh if you felt sure Express readers could read this properly.

Here’s what President Obama’s adviser, Professor Keith Humphreys said:

Changes in criminal law are ambiguous signals that different people interpret in different ways, and this may be what happened in Portugal when they eliminated criminal penalties for drug use, even though they kept trafficking illegal.

However, for reasons of geography, Scotland is a less attractive entry point to European drug markets than Portugal, so it’s less likely traffickers would increase their business in response to this change in the law, even if they interpreted it as a signal that Scottish police are no longer going to take drugs seriously

Get it? It’s not likely.

Here’s how Jamie Greene, Shadow Justice Secretary read that:

the warning “confirmed the party’s worst fears” and called on the Nats administration to reconsider.

And, look at this wee comment after the prof’s comments, or by him (?):

The Portuguese system is massively different from what is being proposed in Scotland.

Anybody caught with any illegal substance – no matter whether it is cannabis or cocaine – is arrested and taken to a police station where the drugs will be weighed.

Whose idea was this? Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain QC. What does she say? The Express don’t ask her.

Here’s what she said:

I have decided that an extension of the Recorded Police Warning Guidelines to include possession offences for Class A drugs is appropriate. Police officers may therefore choose to issue a Recorded Police Warning for simple possession offences for all classes of drugs.

In confirming the extension, I wish to make four things clear:

  • Firstly, the scheme extends to possession offences only. The scheme does not extend to drug supply offences. Robust prosecutorial action will continue to be taken in relation to the supply of controlled drugs.
  • Secondly, Recorded Police Warnings do not represent decriminalisation of an offence. Recorded Police Warnings represent a proportionate criminal justice response to a level of offending and are an enforcement of the law.
  • Thirdly, neither offering nor accepting a Recorded Police Warning is mandatory. Police officers retain the ability to report appropriate cases to the Procurator Fiscal. Accused persons retain the right to reject the offer of a warning.
  • Finally, neither offering a Recorded Police Warning nor reporting a case to the Procurator Fiscal prevents an officer referring a vulnerable person to support services.

You can read the full statement here:

It’s reading-age 12 or above, so may explain the confusion displayed by the Express writer and Greene.

Sunday Express

6 thoughts on “Scottish Tory misreads expert advice on drugs

  1. All people with a inbuilt hatred always
    Fail to read anything properly,re read,understand it then express their
    Deep bias and thoughts
    Akin to
    Do NOT look before you leap
    And as time passes one day they shall find a very hard landing indeed THUMP


  2. What do you get when you add the Daily Supress to Jamie Greene?

    A porkie-pie mince special, with extra waffle and a snake oil dressing.
    And a row of beans.

    I said “add”, but nothing Greene or the Supress say adds up.

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    “Do Scottish nationalists really want another referendum now?”

    Try unpicking this..

    “Scotland has shared a long and often turbulent history with the rest of the UK, having had the same monarch as England since 1603, when England’s Queen Elizabeth I, who had no children, passed the crown to her relative King James of Scotland.”

    and this..

    “The subsequent political union with the UK in 1707… ”

    and this..

    “…it is odd that Scottish nationalists so focused on regaining sovereignty should be willing to relinquish it to the EU.”

    and this..

    “… there is also the fact that ahead of the 2014 referendum, those on both sides of the debate described it as a “once in a generation” vote.”

    and this..

    ” The UK government has the power to simply not grant another referendum,”

    In a section on Catalonia..

    “Catalonia’s case study may cause even the most ardent Scottish nationalist to pause for thought”

    It not require any thought

    “Addressing press and supporters, who had gathered outside the court in solidarity, her lawyer Aamer Anwar said that the crime of sedition with which Ponsati is charged by Spanish authorities was abolished in Scotland “many years ago.””

    etc, etc, etc,

    At the end of the article it says

    “The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.”

    I would hope not.

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