BBC: Talking-up Scotland’s ‘Heath Robertson’ editorial system is failing its readers

Already this morning, I’ve posted a fantastic piece on the Livingston vaccine, prompted by a comment from Clydebuilt and I’ve reposted a stewartb comment on Scotland’s Jäger units.

I could have missed them. I will have missed others before. If I wake up to exciting new opportunities to rebut, I just plough-on, devil take the hindmost, and forget to look back for yesterday’s truffles in the comments.

Very occasionally readers will remind me of a good comment by themselves or others that I could repost to good effect but mostly they are too modest to do so

My ‘system’ is at best ‘Heath-Robertson.’

So, if I miss a good one by your or by others, do not huff, just think, ‘the old fool’s asleep again’ and email, tweet or FB me a quick alert.

If you don’t then, ,my mum (91), has just shouted ‘well, hell mend ye then.’


If you spot an abusive comment that I have not ‘moderated the hell out of there’, CLIPE! WordPress doesn’t like that and could sanction me.

‘Professor’ Robertson is on his own here in the editor’s office, trying to manage the blog and his growing Twitter feed.

What does Twitter Feed make you think of? Something seedy?


4 thoughts on “BBC: Talking-up Scotland’s ‘Heath Robertson’ editorial system is failing its readers

  1. You do a sterling job professor John, thanks for all you do for Scotland. I can never work out if that should be stirling, or sterling. Tweet tweet. 🐥😀
    Have a good Sunday!


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