BBC Scotland conflates the aberrant with the norm for you

Like that Grand Old Duke of York, not the current one with juvenile preferences, BBC Scotland have been force-marching those oh-so-few squaddies with needles or recently-crashed ambulances, up and down on a regular basis to give the impression they’re saving NHS Scotland.

Wait, would Sisyphus be a better analogy?

Anyhow from stewartb:

From an article in the US magazine Wired in 2017 (by Emily Dreyfuss) we learn that: ‘The human brain has a built-in tendency to conflate the aberrant with the norm.

The news industry—and certain politicians—know this all too well.’

This seems highly relevant when reviewing this evening’s (19 November) BBC Reporting Scotland. In a piece on Covid vaccinations in Scotland the editors chose to show some pictures. Any guess who the pictures showed delivering vaccinations? Yes, members of the ‘armed forces’.

From personal experience during 2021 of now four visits to three different vaccination centres – including two ‘mass’ centres – I spotted zero staff in forces’ uniforms.

From public information on: (i) the total number of Covid vaccinations delivered across Scotland to date; and (ii) the number of armed forces’ personnel deployed to assist with Covid vaccinations in Scotland, this picture choice by BBC Scotland is an ‘exemplar’ of amplifying the ‘aberrant’, indeed the extremely aberrant. An attempt to influence – to manipulate – BBC Scotland viewers’ perceptions?

How far can the public service broadcaster’s integrity – the quality of being honest and fair – descend in Scotland?

Then from Legerwood

Noticed army personnel in a vaccination centre in one of Reporting Scotland’s items tonight. Never seen any in any of the vaccination centres (3) that I have attended.

And from TuS Twitterati in October:

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5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland conflates the aberrant with the norm for you

  1. Andrew Marr is to leave the BEEB, to “find his voice”, and not “have his views filtered”.

    I liked Marr up until he started doing the dirty, with dodgy selected stats, to the independence movement in Scotland.
    Was THAT the voice of the British State?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask the BEEB with a FOI request–and get it properly answered?

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  2. The current assault on the SG through the production of tearful relatives whose loved ones have died in or shortly after leaving the QEUH is another example of aberrance. People who are severely immuno-suppressed due to cancer or cancer treatments sometimes, unfortunately, die from HAIs picked up while undergoing radio or chemo therapy. That is simply a fact of life (and death). It is not some major scandal effecting 1 particular hospital unless it can be shown that HAI rates in that hospital are way higher than similar institutions. This production of grieving and often angry relatives is, however, put forward as the norm as to what happens in the QEUH. The whole saga is utterly disgraceful.

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