Fear OR loathing in Wales and Scotland

Regular readers will know all about the Welsh Connection where a comparison with BBC Wales reporting reveals them be sort of professional, rarely mentioning and blaming government ministers for failures in public services managed by independent boards, or giving a platform for all the opposition parties to then blame them.

The report above, unusually, does allow one business leader, one pub owner and one theatre director to be be concerned about vaccine passport rules. The language is one of fear of what may happen but no loathing expressed of this making tough decisions. The business leader does get to say ‘it must be avoided as case numbers are falling’ but none get excited and accuse or associate with an image, any Welsh minister of anything, in the manner frequent at BBC Scotland:

They have a particular fondness for blaming women ministers:

It’s not just the contrast with BBC Wales, BBC England operates differently too when comes to blaming or not blaming ministers:

Of course, careful not to appear racist or Islamophobic, Humza Yousaf escapes BBC Scotland demonising but the Herald seems less worried:

5 thoughts on “Fear OR loathing in Wales and Scotland

  1. The Labour government in Wales has set up a Constitutional Commission, led by Professor Laura McAlister and ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, which is in the process of examining all possible options for its future–this includes independence.
    Have you seen this referenced on the BBC, either UK-wide or in Scotland?
    Any questions for Starwars and Co? Why isnt “Scottish” Labour doing likewise?
    A comment from DRossie? Cauld-Ham?

    The BBC which operates in Scotland is not fit for purpose.
    It exists for news management, and anti-independence agitprop.

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    1. BBC operating in Scotland exists for propaganda. Does Wales have braodcasting powers?
      I wonder if the BritNats would be happy to let Wales go, and facilitate a referendum there, to distract from Brexit fall out, and to deny Scotland the same. Can’t have two referendums going on all at once…The Brit/English state has far far more to lose by losing it’s tight grip on Scotland, so though it makes no sense to allow Wales an indy ref and not Scotland, stranger things have happened. NI is away already the paperwork just needs signing.


      1. The problem for Wales is the English Wales is a much larger proportion than English Scotland. Still, it in interesting that Welsh Labour has conceded that independence should be an option. It certainly won’t be in the one Starmer has asked The Bodger do carry out.

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