BBC balance? ‘Most’ business leaders are selfish, greedy bar stewards?

are against stricter measures.

So, more than 11 000 excess deaths and that’s an important piece of news for ‘our’ national public service broadcaster as the Scottish Government moves to control such deaths with new measures?

Have they even done a survey of business leaders? Thought not.

Only in Scotland, are the views of so-called business leaders and non-experts on pandemics, prioritised in this way.

In a YouGov poll in June 2021, 71% of people would support a requirement for attendees to large events to prove they had been vaccinated against COVID-19 or had recently tested negative for the disease – including 41% who strongly supported the concept. Only a fifth of people (20%) opposed.

Only yesterday, top epidemiologist, Professor Devi Sridhar supported a tightening of Covid rules.

Why is this kind of evidence based on a reliable survey or by an expert, not offered by a public service broadcaster, paid by the people to inform the people and not to campaign on behalf of business?

Not quite the same but similar to balancing lung cancer statistics with the views of the tobacco companies?



5 thoughts on “BBC balance? ‘Most’ business leaders are selfish, greedy bar stewards?

  1. On Good Morning Scotland, epidemiological, virological and public health expert, Mr Murdo Fraser MSP was interviewed about a possible extension of the passport scheme. To be fair the interviewer actually pushed him quite hard and contextualised the proposal with reference to Wales and Ni and to places in Europe and elsewhere.

    But, Mr Fraser was concerned about ‘very small cafes’, which he claimed would be ‘devastated’ by having to employ more staff. In Queen Margaret Drive there are about 5 small cafes on one block, each with 2-4 staff. Even at lunchtimes, these cafes have, at most, 10 customers. So, why do they need MORE staff? Customers enter, show their ‘passport’ or proof of vaccination or recent test and are directed to a table. How long does that take? Certainly far less time than it took me to type this and about as long as it takes to read it.

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    1. Agreed Alasdair. My wife and I enjoy a drive and a coffee and snack and we find that most cafes, even small ones run track and trace well which is more than I can say about larger places recently. They will do the same with the vaccine passports, why because it is in theirs and our best interests.

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  2. When will the hospitality sector ‘representatives’ featured in the MSM realise that there is a large number of potential customers who are not visiting their establishments because the perception created by the MSM is that Scotland isn’t safe.

    IMHO Embracing the passports is as likely to increase patronage than decrease it

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  3. All the way through this global pandemic, the BBC operating in Scotland, has given airtime to “hospitality” representatives (?) to badmouth anything the Scottish health authorities were proposing/doing.
    This was NOT replicated by the BBC operating in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.
    There have been few questions asked of these people by “our” media.
    They have opposed the shutdown–all the way through.
    They have opposed distancing.
    They have opposed masks.
    They have expected staff to operate in circumstance endangering their personal safety/health, then have expressed dismay when they could not find people willing to work in those conditions.

    The media operating in Scotland is a disgrace, especially the BBC whose conduct is specifically aimed at discrediting the government of Scotland.
    This became specific when polling showed Sturgeon trusted far more than Johnson, all over the UK but especially in Scotland.
    I dont know if any University has a media studies course which monitors the BBC, but it would be interesting to see their findings over this period.

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  4. And for further context, somewhat depressing news from Prof John Campbell that the theoretical threshold for herd immunity on both Alpha and Delta have been passed.

    This leaves vaccination and boosters and driving down infection rates as the only only viable course of action for the foreseeable future.

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