88% of MSPs with second jobs are Tories, 12% are estate agents but Sarwar gets his for zero hours

From the Herald, that bastion of socialist values, today:

Tories Alexander Burnett, Donald Cameron, Finlay Carson, Sandesh Gulhane, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Liam Kerr and Edward Mountain all had second jobs registered on their interests as of November 1.

SNP MSP Michelle Thomson, who was elected to Holyrood in May, is a “sole trader of Thomson Holdings”, a property investment company according to her register of interests Ms Thomson received between £10,000 and £15,000 for the role per year, and will spend one hour per month working in the job.

She is also a director of a property management company, Senza Rit Ltd – with her register of interests adding she would “expect to receive remuneration of between £1,001 and £2,000 per annum in the form of life cover” adding “I do not play an active role in running the business”


Wow! I would never have guessed, after last week’s multiple jobs sleaze scandal in Westminster, that ‘our’ wee Tories would find being an MSP not enough to fill their days.

It must have been such a relief to find Michelle Thomson and do her first though I note she’s not exactly overworked to get 10 to 17K from businesses she has a share in.

In see they wheeled in Neil Bibby to get all self-righteous and not his millionaire boss and share-holder in his mum’s low-paying business, Anas Sarwar. He gets a cut for zero hours like a real socialist should.

2 thoughts on “88% of MSPs with second jobs are Tories, 12% are estate agents but Sarwar gets his for zero hours

  1. How many Labour MSP’s are receiving trade union money?
    Do they then spend time on trades union business?
    Does this compromise their constituency work?
    No one surely disputes workers having the right to strike, but–

    –if a strike by a trades union damaged a constituents ability to work/run a business/travel from home etc, would a Labour politician, with that unions paying into his constituency office funds, be free to support that constituent in any claim or complaint?

    How many elected Labour MP’s/MSP’s in Glasgow (they still had some at the time) raised the issue of Glasgow city council (Labour) and trades unions, illegally underpaying female employees?

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  2. It is telling indeed that in this ”sleaze gift” for an opposition politician , the leader of the ” Scottish ” Labour Party has to keep schtum because he is too vulnerable as a closet Tory in all but name !

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