If it’s half the peak of that in England can it still be a tsunami in Scotland too?

In the Herald today:

SOME 15,000 Scots landlords are expected to pursue evictions for rent arrears totalling £126m, leading to fears of a homelessness “tsunami”.

As the Covid eviction ban has effectively been lifted as lockdown restrictions eased, a new survey has found that one-in-five landlords reported current tenancies in arrears at July 2021, which scaled up to 45,000 across Scotland.


I don’t doubt the good intentions of the researchers, the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence nor that there is genuine risk an increase in evictions but, I’m not sure how you get a ‘tsunami’ in this context, unmentioned by the Herald, of course:

Homeless rate in Scotland about half that of England

The proportion of people suffering from the worst forms of homelessness in Scotland is about half as high as in England, campaigners have claimed.

Almost one in 100 households in England (0.94%) were experiencing what the charity Crisis called “forms of core homelessness” – such as sleeping on the streets, sofa surfing, or staying in either unsuitable temporary accommodation like B&Bs or living in garages or industrial premises

That rate compares to 0.66% of households in Wales and 0.57% in Scotland, Crisis said.

The charity put this down in part to Scottish ministers having the “right political will” to tackle the problem.

And the Crisis chief executive, Jon Sparkes, said if plans north of the border to strengthen the law in terms of preventing homelessness were implemented, then Scotland could become a “world leader”.

His comments came after research for Crisis found that since 2012 England has had consistently higher rates of “core homelessness” than both Scotland and Wales – with rates growing faster in England over that time.

Scotland, meanwhile, became the first part of the UK to publish a plan to end homelessness, with the Scottish Government and local authority organisation Cosla joining forces on this.


2 thoughts on “If it’s half the peak of that in England can it still be a tsunami in Scotland too?

  1. I think we all tend to forget the ”Dog Years ” multiplier !

    Anything BAAAD in Scotland is multiplied 10 -fold by the unionist media , while anything Good ( if there such a thing ? ) is diminished by the same multiplier .
    Simples !!!


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