Is Andrew Neil The Clown here?

In the Times, today, by that foul trio of Allardyce, Glackin and former BBC Head of News and serial bully of young staff, John Boothman, the claim that First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has earned the nickname ‘Elsie McSelfie.’

Leaving aside the now frequent misunderstanding of how selfies work, among Tory trollers, had you heard the FM earned that? Says who? Me neither.

I looked and found the likely source – the Clown Office at

Their identity is not revealed but Google then suggests only one other user of the term in Scotland:

Is this the Clown?

BBC's Andrew Neil 'left looking like Yoda' because of baffling earpiece -  Mirror Online

Or Boothman?

I notice no one is posing next to those two.

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15 thoughts on “Is Andrew Neil The Clown here?

  1. No outrage in the English press about their PM posing for the cameras.
    Also,why is it that every time our FM is interviewed on Scottish TV,they feel that they have to give DRoss air time as well?
    They don’t have Starmer on TV when they have the Clown Prince babbling on.

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  2. Poison pen “journalism” from British nationalist London media.

    Remember when Ireland was still attempting to get a devolved legislature? The London press regularly portrayed Irish people as sub-humans, Neandertals and worse.
    That worked out well, as, after three decades of this putrid stuff, constitutional parties were side-lined in favour of insurrection.

    Let us hope Scotland isnt forced down the same road.

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    1. gavinochiltree
      With NI
      i assure you Westminster have merely changed tactics
      By implementing policies to impoverish
      The Protestant working class youth
      But before I go further the following facts are of prime importance in what is driving their policies
      In 1921 when The Republic formed GDP/ head of population was – 44 % lower than
      The 6 counties
      Today that figure is now + 48 % as the Republic economy surges and the UK shrinks
      I am reguarly in conversation with a good few Irish citizens and I list a synopsis of their opinions re.Unification with NI.
      1.The NI economy is a basket case with no hope of any improvement
      2.Reunifiacation will cost a fortune to level NI up with the Republic
      3.In general they find NI people lazy,dirty,ill educated and far from fit to become good functional responsible citizens
      4.The young Protestant working class are being deliberately fired up to cause serious problems
      5.Many Irish citizens are now openly questioning reunification
      All this merely confirms exactly what Westminster is up to by
      Raising objection to reunification on both sides of the Border
      Tis the old adage ” In order to rule you must divide”
      Always know thy Foes

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  3. On the grounds of that I have to take at least one daily paper as a ‘journal of record’ I take the The Times. Its Scotland section isn’t part of a real newspaper but is merely a cross between a daily pro-Union hate campaign and a mental health encounter therapy session for truly insane Unionists. Glackin, Bowditch et al are simply not worth reading. Even devout Unionist, Alex Massie, is often attacked as not being violently anti-SNP enough.


  4. Ah well, if that’s best this Paisley Grammar boy can come up with, I think Nicola Sturgeon can sleep easy.

    As for Andrew and his rotating hairpiece, his legacy will be his abject failure with his GB News. Being replaced by Nigel Farage on GB news would be hard to take for any man, especially those with an ego as large as Andrews.

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  5. Of the 5 photos of the FM at Cop labelled as “selfies” by the professional Yoons. only one might be a selfie . . . The one with Sir D. Attenborough.

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  6. The Old, White Man Brigade object to a woman, who happens to be a Glasgow MSP, as well as First Minister of Scotland, attending a conference in Glasgow, a city in Scotland.

    Probably think she should be home knitting or washing the dishes.
    With the curtains, and her gub—-SHUT!

    Maybe someone could knit Brillo a new hairpiece for him to wear in France where he lives.

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  7. I wonder what nickname they think that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US, earned when SHE tweeted news photos – oh wait I mean ‘selfies’ – of her meeting with Nicola Sturgeon? Odd that they didn’t care to divulge that.


  8. Andrew Neil’s face looks like an elf after a car crash – all pouty ears and scrunched up facial features… And that hair… can see why the Brillo-pad nickname came along 🙂

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  9. Crikey looking at the photos of those men who are so angry about and jealous of Scotland’s FM, I know who I’d rather have round to tea! It has been a treat though, to know that the BritNats are raging that Nicola Sturgeon did not only stay silent as they wished at COP26, she was in the end, the ‘true leader’, a competent intelligent and articulate leader and politician. Johnson and his cabal are just not fit to even shine the FM’s shoes! COP26 has been good for Scotland, and bad for the UK, so that’s a bonus, there were not many bonuses, but that’s one at least. Go on Scotland, secure your independence the world’s eyes are on you, thanks to COP26 and the queen for pointing that out, lol!


  10. Neil is an alcoholic. He needs rehab. Thatcher’s henchman. He has been lying about Scotland forever. Even the right wing media do not want him. Another GB failure.


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