German media ignore nightclub experts on virology!

After months of watching Scotland’s media accuse the SNP Government of destroying the hospitality industry and platforming night club and pub owners as experts in virology and epidemiology, I wondered how the media in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands might react to the latest fourth wave lockdowns there fuelled by millions of people who refused to be vaccinated and by political leaders who have allowed the opening up of nightclubs.

Spiegel has blamed the politicians for not doing what the Scottish Government has done, delaying opening up of nightclubs until vaccination levels were high enough and vaccine passports were in place and continuing to require face coverings in public places including schools:

Spiegel seems to have no links to nightclub or bar owners ready to come on and rant against pandemic measures aimed at saving lives. Bild, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Die Welt, similarly, seem not to know any bar or nightclub owners with degrees in virology.

Highly qualified bar and club owners prepared to advise government on pandemic control seems to be a uniquely Scottish thing.

9 thoughts on “German media ignore nightclub experts on virology!

  1. Ah but
    Let us not forget that Bar and. Night club operators
    Not only purvey but witness so much more of that unique and wondrously miraculous form of Wisdom
    I do believe such is referred to as
    ” The Johnnie Walker wisdom “

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  2. Der Spiegel – Is that like the Herald except it uses journalists to verify and check facts, sources and accurately report in a truthful and honest way then?

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  3. Tory bar owners and unionist politicians caused another lock down and more deaths. The ‘grim reaper’ caricature all over the internet. Now involved in drug dealing. Giving donations to the Tories and getting special licences. The virus spread like wild fire from bar to pub. Another disgrace.

    The night clubs were opened before proper restrictions were in place. The young people got it and spread it around.


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