Revealed: 10 out of 10 BMA ‘surveys’ are mince

SENIOR clinicians will quit the NHS or cut back their hours unless more is done to address “punishing” pension tax bills, a leading doctor has warned.

Graeme Eunson, chair of the BMA’s Scottish consultants’ committee, said a potential exodus of the country’s most experienced doctors threatens to “seriously undermine” attempts to clear the waiting list backlog and derail training for younger medics.

The Herald report does not tell us anything at all about this trade union survey. I can find no trace of the BMA, Scotland or UK publishing it. We’ve been here before with BMA ‘surveys’:

I look forward to assessing their latest. I predict, at best, a resit.

4 thoughts on “Revealed: 10 out of 10 BMA ‘surveys’ are mince

  1. I had mince for dinner last night. Very tasty with new potatoes and fresh green beans. In contradiction to this the BMA is political mince and therefore not fit for any plate. The Beeb mince is a totally up there beside manure, rotten vegetables and a headache. Yuk!!


  2. But, but, butt— they asked EVERYONE in the BBC Hootsmon canteen at midnight, and the folk waiting at the bus stop at 7am.
    Well, nearly everyone.
    Anyone looking like a run-of-the-mill Scottish person was excluded for reasons too ridiculous to explain—but OBVIOUSLY the visiting BEEB Lovvies up from BBC London and BBC Manchester were included–for reasons too obscure…………………………………………


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