For the facts on the ‘drunk’ SNP MPs don’t bother with the Scottish media


Free of the Unionist baggage of ‘Scotland’s sel-loathing MSM, the Metro (the Times and the National too) headlines the angry reaction to the unsubstantiated slurs, offered at face-value and today ignored, in nearly every other outlet.

STV make little of it but, at least, offer the link, well down the ‘page’:

In the 22nd of 23 paragraphs in the BBC Scotland report yesterday:

A Government of Gibraltar spokesperson said there had been “no reports of shouting or any sort of aggressive behaviour” at the airport.

9 thoughts on “For the facts on the ‘drunk’ SNP MPs don’t bother with the Scottish media

  1. The smear worked.

    It was headline “news” in Scotland colonial media.
    No questions asked. No interviews with people in Gib, or on the ‘plane, or at the two airports. Just the Tory deflection smear.

    “The smear; the whole smear; and nothing but the smear, so help us Boris”!

    Was it to help Bowie?

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  2. O/T. apollogies

    “A New Front Opens Up”

    For weeks now BBC Scotland has been pumping out Climate Crisis ? . . COP26 Whipping up their audience’s concern on Global Warming. In Glasgow gas guzzler tyres are getting slashed

    This morning’s moan in after 9am Stephen Jardine had on a Dr. Emma Harper an Energy Expert from Sheffield University who started off criticising the Scot Gov for not coming out against Cambo, and not signing up with Denmark, Equador and Wales. Later in programme the “Energy Expert” came back and suggested the action we need to take is to vote out politicians who are not taking the required action. . . Presumably that will be the SNP.

    Then on came a Lauren MacDonald climate activist member of “Stop Cambo Action Group” main point is to criticise Nicola Sturgeon for not coming out against Cambo, calling her a liar.

    The Union is working to replace the cause of Scottish Independence with the fight against Global Warming . Both Just Causes.

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  3. And just How are the Scottish government supposed to stop the Cambo oil field development??
    Johnson & Co who have this ability are going to ignore anything that comes out of Holyrood.
    They make the case for us having this reponsibility such that the people of Scotland can hold our government accountable and vote them out of business if required.
    To No voting Scots,Yes,lack of democratic accountability does have a real price to be paid,it isn’t just about flag waving.

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  4. I say that both SNP MPs should call Wallace a liar to his face and see what reaction they get even do it in Parliament I doubt if Labour will do anything even though one of their own was involved.
    Why must we be so weak in confronting these lying barstewards.

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  5. This isn’t limited to Linden and Hendry. It is now the Tory strategy to deal with their own self created corruption crisis. It will be claimed that everybody is at it. Its rife in all parties. We are all rotten in politics so you might as well go on voting for us. This not just highly dishonest but also politically and socially dangerous. If it becomes generally believed that the entire political class is corrupt then society will start to act accordingly.

    The most likely reaction will be to adopt what political scientists and political sociologists call ‘Exclusive Familialism’ : a state where the public realm is totally mistrusted and people only work with and for their friends and family. There is simply no concept of a ‘Public Interest’.

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    1. It’s called nepotism and is as old as the hills and it happens in many areas of ‘society’. Daddies a lawyer/QC? No problem here’s a lecturer job for you.

      The English nationalist parties do not know the meaning of the words, ‘public interest’.

      Not quite sure at all why you mention ‘Linden’ and ‘Hendry’ in your comment in the context of politician and corruption, however.

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  6. 12/11/21 Just watched Have I got News for You (first time in ages) and low and behold this smear was covered as if was confirmed fact. Have complained to BBC but don’t expect any meaningful response


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