Scotland avoids ’embarrassment’ of being in UK top 40 polluted towns and cities list

and causing the country embarrassment.

Starting at 6:26am, repeated 5 or 6 times on BBC 1 TV, no doubt as many times on Good Morning Scotland radio, 3 times on Reporting Scotland from 1.30 to 10.30pm but, intriguingly not on the website, BBC Scotland’s headline story is a complaint from campaigners about one city low emission zone.

In the first of three negative reports completely dominating the coverage, much is left unanswered. For context, the World Health Organisation was reported by BBC Health in 2018, listing the UK’s 40 most polluted towns and cities. None were in Scotland. Scunthorpe was top (worst), Gibraltar 2nd and Londonderry/Derry 24th. This WHO report is based on data from 2015.

A 2020 study by IQAIR curiously does have a Scottish entry in its top 10 – Rosyth. Rosyth is of course dominated by the shipbuilding, repair and dumping of old warships, including several older nuclear submarines.

Why in 2015 did, say Glasgow, not make the top 40? Better public transport services keeping cars out of the centre? Stricter enforcement by local authorities after a century of leftist (Labour/SNP) control compared to more laissez fair Tory/Liberal authorities in England?


4 thoughts on “Scotland avoids ’embarrassment’ of being in UK top 40 polluted towns and cities list

  1. All this part of the Brexit plan
    UK was about to receive massive fines from the EU for failing to meet clean air Standards in numerous locations
    Another heavy price to be paid by all who breathe in this highly toxic deadly air as we go about our daily affairs in towns and cities
    Brexit most certainly is Being Done
    In far more ways than you can imagine
    Green and pleasant land My A**e

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  2. That temple of right wing Englishness makes, the Times, makes Scotland’s pollution free nature manifest each Friday. It prints a section called ‘Bricks and Mortar’ outlining what lovely houses can be bought for improbably high prices in various bits of the UK. Included in the house descriptions are local air quality. Scottish air quality is virtually always better; even in inner city Glasgow and Edinburgh: sometimes twice or more as good. You can actually breathe the air up here.

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  3. BBC Scotland and the Scottish Press (with one exception) are the main UNIONIST PROPAGANDA outlets to brainwash the Scottish People into BELIEVING they are WM’s poor relationS and it needs the BROAD SHOULDERS OF THE UNION TO HELP THEM SURVIVE! So much for the broad shoulders of the UNION! It’s at the bottom of almost every economic league table BUT in the TOP FOUR of the Corruption League and heading to be the League Leader with Boris Johnson and his Band of Barstewards behind the counter!

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