BBC Scotland masking Labour stupidity

added costs and extra hassle for businesses.

Starting at 6:26am, repeated 5 or 6 times on BBC 1 TV, no doubt as many times on Good Morning Scotland radio, 3 times on Reporting Scotland from 1.30 to 10.30pm but, intriguingly not on the website, BBC Scotland’s second of only three stories is a complaint from opposition parties about the vaccine ‘passport.’

In the second of three negative reports completely dominating the coverage, much is left unanswered.

The source is this:

As recently as 22 September, Scottish Labour were ‘ridiculed for opposing vaccine passports’ in the Times, after it emerged that you’d need one for the UK party conference.

Then, as Johnson (Daniel) stood to give his critique, apparently based on some venues not having door staff, Labour Wales had persuaded their Senned to a majority vote for even more extensive demands than those in Scotland:

Are the three parts of UK Labour even remotely connected? We’ve already Welsh Labour embarrass Anas Sarwar by agreeing that Scotland should be able to have a second referendum.

As for not having door staff, get some? If a business of that kind is viable, they should be able to afford them.

Finally, why does BBC Scotland make no mention of the numerous research studies which have confirmed the value of face coverings, in protecting us. A large-scale study by Oxford University in October 2021, confirmed that People who wore face coverings or masks outside of the home, and were more exposed to infection due to their circumstances, had ‘significantly’ lower rates of COVID-19 infection:

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6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland masking Labour stupidity

  1. I’m told there is a huge and growing crisis in the labour markets of France, Germany and other EU countries. There is now a major shortage of workers in many sectors as every cafe and restaurant has had to hire door staff – most for the first time – in order to inspect vaccine passports. As a result prices being charged for espresso, croque monsieur and anise in France for example have surged.

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  2. Again it’s the “hospitality sector”, now enlisting Labour assistance ?

    What infuriates me about this wholly manufactured stooshie in the UK, is that the vast majority of Scots are in favour of masking, in favour of vaccinations and boosters, are in favour of vaccine-passports, but SG’s Opposition and a wee political agitator from Lockerbie know better what the public “really” want ?

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  3. Why do they not have door staff? Surely these premises – nightclubs etc. – have limits on the numbers they can have in them at any one time based of the Fire Certificate they all should have? Presumably inspection by the fire brigade and certification of numbers is required under the terms of their operating licence. If that is the case then they, the owners, must have some means of checking how many are on the premises possibly in the form of door staff perhaps. Or am I missing something?

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