UK Nationalist propaganda group funded by dark money

Other than Allan Sutherland, that BBC favourite but shy about his connections when on-air, Scotland Matters maintains a low profile on its membership, though we can see from its site comments and this 2017 email, it’s overlapping membership with a covert letter-writing group openly seeking to distort media coverage against the independence cause:

Scotland Matters seems strongly associated with those regular commentators, Prof Pennington, Prof Stevenson and Jill Lax. There are no doubt many others skulking there.

In the Guardian yesterday, we read:

A Scottish anti-independence campaign group was given £46,000 from an obscure organisation that might have breached political fundraising guidelines, the Guardian can reveal.

Scotland Matters, a pro-union group registered with the Electoral Commission, the elections regulator, received two donations of £21,000 and £25,000 earlier this year from a little-known organisation called the Centre for Economic Education and Training (Ceet).

Those donations were made in the run-up to the Holyrood elections in May and were the largest made to a third-party organisation during the campaign, but very little is known about the group behind them.

The Ceet faces possible sanctions from the Electoral Commission as it did not register with them despite spending more than £25,000 in a calendar year – the threshold at which third-party political campaign groups must register with the commission.

After the Guardian flagged the donations, a commission spokesperson said: “We will be seeking to obtain information from the Centre for Economic Education and Training to clarify its status and whether it is subject to any political finance requirements.”

The Ceet does not publicly list its membership, its sources of funding or its purpose, and uses a London postal address that houses a virtual office service, an asset management firm and a number of other companies. When the Guardian visited the address, staff working in the building said they had not heard of the organisation.

The Centre for Economic Education and Training has a well-chosen name for subterfuge. Try googling it and stir up only a crowd of similarly-named real organisations. Is this Ceet just a front for a UK Government (Gove?) department with funds to use, as it pleases, on pro-Union groups in Scotland?

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7 thoughts on “UK Nationalist propaganda group funded by dark money

  1. On the BBC Scotland website there is always a piece about that days newspapers. It always includes the front pages of The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Times, The Sun, The Star, i, Today in addition to the Daily Record, National, Herald, Scotsman and the papers from Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen. It never shows the Guardian or the FT, despite these being on the BBC UK page.

    They will justify this by saying the Guardian and FT do not have Scottish editions. However, they are on sale in Scotland and people buy them. The Guardian actually has specific Scotland correspondents.

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    1. The trouble with the Guardian and Scotland is that their ‘Scottish correspondents’ can’t find anyone to talk to who really knows whats happening here.
      I refuse to contribute to them while they publish such rubbish about us.


  2. Scotland Matters is as Scottish and grassroots as No Borders was – and probably funded in the same way .

    Expect a BBC Disclosures Investigation into Tory Dark Money .
    This will follow a Laura Kuenssberg expose of Boris Johnson’s litany of lies , corruption and deceit , with a full list of Tory donors/family who have benefited from Covid Contracts .

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  3. I take it the victor Clements referred to in your email posted is this chap?

    I think he needs to rethink. If the boat has sailed why is SIU and other groups still required? It seems he is a 60%! Believing you must attain such to have avvote for independence. 62% to remain in the eu doesn’t count of course.

    Please keep up the good work.

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  4. From my digging, I’ve found that CEE was founded by Douglas Carswell, the former Tory and subsequently former UKIP MP. Also involved, in a British’ content is Dan(iel) Hannan.

    Both these names should be familiar to Scottish independista anoraks.

    For more info. on my findings see the WGD blog for 7 November: Shining a light on Tory dark money

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