BBC Scotland in 1975: ‘Rubbish piled up in the streets causing a health hazard’

Returning every day for updates on the GMB refuse workers strike, BBC Scotland gives a platform only to the union and fails to inform readers of the scale of the offer previously made, fails to ask about their quick turnaround from acceptance of a higher offer than had been accepted by the GMB in Sheffield and fails to consider whether this was really a political stunt at the expense of members, to suit Scottish Labour’s do-Scotland-down-before-the-world agenda.

How things have changed in the BBC’s attitude to industrial action in the years since 1975:

Piles of rubbish in Glasgow’s Dunchattan Street due to a ‘dustcart drivers’ strike in March 1975.

A national dust cart drivers began in October 1974 but drivers returned to work at the end of the month after a settlement was reached. Unfortunately, difficulties arose over the interpretation of the agreement and the Glasgow drivers went on unofficial strike on the 6 January the following year.

By 1975 around 7,000 tons of rubbish required collection from city streets each week, and as the strike continued the rubbish began to pile up. In early March the Chief Environmental Health Officer advised the Corporation to call in the army to remove refuse before serious health hazards developed. Soldiers began work on 19 March and removed 39,000 tons of rubbish before the strikers returned to work on 14 April.

One of the main health concerns during the strike had been the increase of the rat population in Glasgow. Statistics compiled afterwards showed that the number of rats increased only slightly during the strike but rose dramatically in the following month and continued to do so for the rest of the year.
Fusilier Robert Brown with dead rats found in rubbish at Hotspur Street, Maryhill
Image: Reach

No sympathetic interviews with union reps were seen and:

News channels at the time focusied on the ‘health hazard’ of uncollected waste without giving voice to those involved in the industrial action. Army troops were being paid an extra 50p a day for the unenviable job and it certainly drew plenty of media attention. They were filmed battling rats with boots and shovels, and holding the huge, dead rodents up for the waiting TV cameras.

The pro-Union, pro-Trident, pro-Nuclear power, GMB, affiliated with Scottish Labour, are the number one useful idiots of the No movement.

Footnote: Useful idiot: In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders.

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5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland in 1975: ‘Rubbish piled up in the streets causing a health hazard’

  1. What a damp squib that co-ordinated attack by BBC Scotland, Scottish Labour, GMB and its media chums has turned out to be.

    Instead of embarrassing Scotland, Glasgow and its people during COP26, it has just highlighted the total inadequacy of BBC Scotland to do its job and investigate and report in a fair and honest way.

    The only embarrassment / health hazard in Glasgow are the current residents of Pacific Quay.

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    1. You say that because the blinkers have been removed from your eyes and you see through the propaganda now. But many people don’t, I know I’ve spoken to some of them, and that’s why we’re stuck on under 50% for independence when in a sane world it would be way above that. Since I’m posting I see the National’s at it again:
      TBF I think it is down to the naivety and inexperience of the staff. Experienced hands who ran things have left and this is seen in articles like this and a general tendency for second rate sensational headlines rather than informative articles.

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  2. I understood that to become a journalist you have these days to get some sort of qualification followed by nurturing and guidance from those who went before you. Obviously one or all parts of this has failed since 1975.
    It’s like a headline last week stating ‘the last five years have been the hottest on record’. This is not true and depends on the time line you use to create this statistic. The six hundred year mini ice age ended in the 1870’s with the temperature going up since then, from a low, apart from a period between 1946 and 1970. In York the Roman Empire grew grapes and figs as the temperature then was hotter than now. In geological time the planet had been 10C hotter than now. Truth what truth.

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  3. Political Stunt>=.

    There are two photographs very probably taken during a single photo shoot that point to this strike being a joint venture between Scottish Liebour and the GMB.

    The photographs were posted on TUS articles.
    1. “The GMB & Venality” Nov. 2nd photo depicts “The Legend That is Chris Mitchell” and 2 others in front of a full waste bin

    2. “GMB & Labour Trash Glasgow ” Nov. 1st Photo depicts Sarwar and one other in front of same bin as in 1. above. The same cars are parked in the background (in the same order) . . . Image Daily Record (stated in article )

    In a social media post By The Labour leader he posts a photo of the same bin


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