Not keeping up?

On October 1st, Scotland’s new cases, based on tests, fell to the lowest in the UK:

More than a month later, using the UK’s ONS estimates we hear:

SCOTLAND had the lowest Covid-19 infection rate in the UK last week, new figures suggest.

To be fair to the Herald, they’re first to bring us this good news.

11 thoughts on “Not keeping up?

    1. I noticed that too but rather telling that after several hours the article has attracted so few comments. Clearly put some people’s gas at a peep

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    2. The “Around 25% less people in hospital with covid in England than in Scotland” is not unusual, BBC Scotland has been sub-contracting this bullshit for years..

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  1. O/T On Reporting Scotland did I really just see GMB banners being carried by climate change protest marchers in Glasgow today – the pro-nuclear power, pro-Trident renewal and not so long ago, the pro-fracking trade union? Road to Damascus conversion?

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    1. Quite probably.

      Chris Wotsisface gave a speech saying how proud he was of them all. And how proud he was of the Scottish cleansing workers on the picket line too…

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  2. Oh dear! Is C4 News being ‘played’?

    Interviewing Anas Sarwar marching with the young folk and with him stating support for the ‘striking’ school students from Scotland: Sarwar marching with the GMB banners behind him. Then an interview with the GMB bin strike leader (claiming the moral high ground if you will), claiming solidarity with climate activists across the world!

    If you’re to read the ‘Knutsford Guardian’ today you will learn (thanks to a Press Association contribution) that:

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon has backed youngsters who are skipping school to take part in climate change protests, describing their actions as a “cause for optimism in an often dark world”.

    ‘The First Minister spoke out as schoolchildren in Scotland joined in the global demonstration.

    ‘UK Education Secretary Damian Hinds warned pupils they should not miss lessons to take part in the strikes.

    ‘But Ms Sturgeon took to Twitter to offer her support, saying: “It’s a cause for optimism, in an often dark world, that young people are taking a stand on climate change”.’

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    1. Channel 4 news tonight was a disgrace. Yorkshire cricket story took up 25 min of the programme. No other domestic news of any note. Then Cop26. Then a murder in America.

      Nothing of note happening in the UK?

      Since the UKGov announced it was considering selling off C4 there has been a marked change in Ch4 news and not for the better

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      1. Do Yorkshire Cricket Club and some of its former ‘heroes’ have a history here? From 2017, in a news article in the Mirror:

        ‘EXCLUSIVE: Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott in racism storm after claiming he needs to ‘black up’ to get a knighthood

        Geoffrey Boycott has been branded a “dinosaur” after saying he would stand a better chance of getting knighted if he “blacked up”.

        The England cricket legend, 76, made the comment to VIP guests at the day-night Test against the West Indies.

        At a Q&A session during a break in play at Edgbaston on Saturday, the BBC Test Match Special commentator said knighthoods were handed out like “confetti” to West Indies greats.

        He told Sky Sports presenter Gary Newbon, hosting the session: “Mine’s been turned down twice. I’d better black me face.”

        ( )

        Boycott played cricket for Yorkshire as well as England throughout his illustrious career.


  3. Wait Hinds is the English education secretary, not UK. Also typical Tory, er, ‘lessons’ will do kids not an iota of good later on if they are faced with flooding, famine, war because of famine and climate induced immigration etc.
    Good on the FM of Scotland to support the young people, it’s what any normal, decent caring person should do. It’s their future the Tories are wrecking. Just watched Indy car Gordon Ross, quite sombre today, rightly so he tells it how it is. Worth a watch to stay mindful of what’s at stake here.
    The one thing I hate, those nets the fruit and vegetables come in, grrr. I save them and use at the allotment not ideal even then, and if anyone wants the copper bits they are fastened with, I have hundreds.
    Delighted that the Scottish government have announced free bus travel for young folk up to age 22! Brilliant. Too many cars in the world it’s ridiculous, the size of the ones in Edinburgh right now, very very rich people, is sickening actually. They really are not bothered about saving the planet are they. Disgraceful.

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