4 thoughts on “Don’t they look fantastic?

  1. Many are relatively young schoolchildren, including primary school aged ones, and, of course many parents and grandparents are accompanying them. The kind of children and young people are likely to conduct themselves well, and the family aspect will help create a positive ambience. So, light touch policing is all that is required.

    Of course, what the media want is rioting and kettling.

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  2. I am the past.
    They are the future.
    I wish them god speed and aw’ra best.
    Because my generation has failed THIS generation.

    Greta rightly castigated this generations of leaders (“they are not leaders”…THIS is leadership). She castigated to failed, same old, blah/blah/blah non-solutions. Coal, gas and oil extraction goes on, and on, and on……………………………
    She castigates the media for its complicity in the guilt shared with these clowns. She points to colonialism and exploitation of the weakest—that includes Scotland.

    I have the greatest doubts that climate change can be changed for the better. Its too late. There are no serious actors on the world stage.

    It would take a revolution–greater than the French or Russian revolution. It actually requires an new de-industrialisation revolution, of the kind that launched America to the moon, but with science focussed on the climate. It will NOT happen.

    Boris, darling of the BEEB/Torygraf et al…. FLIES ON A PRIVATE JET…. from a climate emergency conference for a Torygraf DINNER and then leaves with a climate denier. That is an instance of how unserious this is being taken.

    We are fools if we believe a word emitted from COP 26.
    Its a COP-OUT.
    Vote Greta.

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    1. When I refer to “that includes Scotland”, I meant our relationship at present with England/UK exploiting us.
      Historically Scots undoubtedly “enjoyed” the fruits of colonialism-the House Of Lords used to be stuffed with their descendants.
      Remove THEIR assets by all means. 99% of us are innocent.

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    2. Thunberg is absolutely correct, indeed I’d go further in suggesting COP26 was designed to fail where others had part succeeded.


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