SNP praised for ‘low number of virus deaths’ in prisons during pandemic

…modern rehabilitation for offenders according to the prison watchdog.

Using their renowned editorial guidelines, BBC Scotland have gone with this headline extraction from the annual report for 2019/2020. Then right at the end:

for the swift action and the low number of deaths from the virus.

Just out of interest, I thought I’d compared that sequencing and emphasis with the press release:

I can’t seem to find it online. Here’s last year’s:

First three paragraphs all praising pandemic measures and, of course:

The decisions taken by the Scottish Government and justice partners in conjunction with Health Protection Scotland (HPS) to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in an otherwise extremely vulnerable population are to be applauded.

I’ll look out for the most recent version and update as necessary.

3 thoughts on “SNP praised for ‘low number of virus deaths’ in prisons during pandemic

  1. Looks like the full on Scotland is s***e on the front pages of the British Nationalist daily rags and EngGov controlled BBC is being deployed. COP26 anyone? I wonder what the BritNats will come up with next, busy bees at PQ and daily rags’ HQ’s in London, I’m sure.


  2. Just as well the HMIPS is not having to report on a justice system reformed under a Tory government at Holyrood!


    From Tory policy: ‘The SNP have brought in soft-touch justice measures which let criminals off the hook. In June 2019, the SNP passed an effective ban on prison sentences of 12 months or less, which let people away with serious crimes.’

    ‘Toughening up the justice system. The Scottish Conservatives will overhaul our justice system by introducing Whole Life Custody so that Scotland’s worst criminals stay in prison for life, end automatic early release so that prisoners serve their given sentence, and revoke the SNP’s effective ban on short prison sentences to ensure prison remains an option for all types of crime.’

    There are other positives from today’s press release accompanying the HMIPS report: that The BBC News website article omitted:

    ‘I wholeheartedly commend the commitment, determination and courage of all the staff who continued working throughout this period and indeed the cohesive leadership that emerged during the crisis. We also commend the tolerance and resilience of prisoners forced into extremely restricted conditions. Undoubtedly this has been supported by GOOD STAFF PRISONER RELATIONSHIPS and the introduction of in‐cell telephony and virtual visits.’

    And: ‘Similarly, I welcome the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensuring that children under age 18 will in future be looked after in secure care settings rather than in a young offenders institution. A bold and brave transformational agenda, including removing children from prison, supporting recovery as a forerunner to liberty, and a full review of the out of date Prison Rules could allow Scotland to lead the way again in enlightened justice and penology.’


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