A Tale of Two or Three City’s Rubbish

Planned industrial action by bin workers in Sheffield has been suspended to allow them to consider an improved offer from their employer.

GMB members at Veolia Sheffield had voted to strike over pay and changes to their terms and conditions.

The action had been due to take place on Monday and would have affected more than 200,000 homes in Sheffield, according to the union.

The union said members would vote on the new pay deal next week.

It said the two-year deal would give workers a 3% rise in the first year and a further 3% the following year.


But in Glasgow:

A strike by refuse staff and street cleaners in Glasgow has started, as world leaders arrive for the COP26 climate summit.

GMB Scotland said members in the city council’s cleansing department would be striking for the next week.

The union accused the council of failing to give members “proper time and space” to consider an offer from local authority body Cosla.

Cosla proposed a pay rise of 5.8% for the lowest paid staff as part of a £1,062 increase for staff earning below £25,000.


So a 3% rise in Sheffield stops a strike but 5.8% in Glasgow doesn’t. Sheffield Council is Labour-run. Could that be a factor?

I wonder what is the GMB up to elsewhere?

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18 thoughts on “A Tale of Two or Three City’s Rubbish

  1. This is not a pay dispute, but has become a political strike.

    The right-wing English press has been running “rat” stories about Glasgow for weeks, then Starwars and the colonial media in Scotland got involved as well.

    Were the GMB involved with Labour in denying women a fair pay settlement in Glasgow for years?

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    1. It was the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council at the time which brought in a 4 days on 4 days off rota for the binmen Its been a disaster from the start
      Ps GMB have always been traitors to their fellow workers
      They did indeed side with the Labour Council for at least 10 years to stop women getting fair pay It was a disgrace

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  2. Maybe I’m venturing into conspiracy territory here, but I opinioned weeks ago, that these “disputes” were in fact coordinated, and all designed to damage, and embarrass the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council, and by implication, the wider Independence movement.
    Set up by no less than the British State, who, with their many undercover agencies, will have been working non-stop to try to discredit us, the Scottish people and I’m just surprised the the old slogan, ” Too wee, too poor and too stupid”, hasn’t as yet made an appearance as yet, but give it time.

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    1. Alex
      You without doubt indeed
      Do know thy foe
      In my younger days and being of Irish origin,I made it a point to study from the Irish side as to how Brit.colonial rule was excerisied
      And oh my you are not long in understanding exactly how their nefarious activities are run and conducted
      A leopard can not change its spots
      The script,stage and costumes all still the same
      Just a new bunch of performers tis all that changes
      The sure fire things you learn are
      Never ever trust a word they utter
      Their are NO depths that they will not hesitate to plunge too
      I am being most generous with my opinion of them
      They invented the Concentration camp during the Boer war
      And that is exactly why Hitler,Himmler &
      Heydrich were great admirers of them
      And carbon copied the Brits in implementing their final solution regarding the Jewish Problem
      Britain repeated their concentration camp techniques in Kenya during the 1950,s in dealing with the Mau Mau uprisings
      So much so that a Scottish regiment mutinied by refusing orders in a “Internment Camp ” in Kenya
      It took 50 yrs for this info to come out
      And all after the Brits in Kenya rushed to destroy all records

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  3. If you are a member of the GMB in Glasgow you might be wondering why YOU have to lose money when a ‘deal’ has been agreed with your employer and your union .

    When at the last minute YOUR union decides to take the hump and tell YOU to lose a week’s wages so THEY can look macho it calls into question what the UNION priority is .
    Is it supporting YOU or supporting a political party that has no heft of its own but is willing to use YOU to score a point against a Government that YOU elected ?

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  4. O/T,who remembers this.

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  5. Aye, and I see HMS Sarah Smith has joined in with “Glasgow bin strikes begin as world leaders arrive for COP26” only a minute old at the time of viewing (despite the first comment at 10.36) on the Scotland web-page but demoted to 4th place…

    They quoted from Drew Duffy “It is a constant breakdown of industrial relations, there have been longstanding problems with low pay and discriminatory pay and our members have just had enough”… This from a GMB official whose Union oversaw the most abysmal period of low pay and discrimination against women in Glasgow’s recent history really takes the biscuit for hypocrisy.

    Naturally being a story London and thereby HMS Sarah Smith’s overseers wish to see promoted, the telltale comments open for Jock McTavish-Smythe from Govanhill by way of Milton-Keynes to express frustration at SG……..

    I can see this backfiring badly, and not just on GMB but the whole rotten mafia….

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  6. Labour still feel inconveniencing the public is a vote winner, maybe my recollection of 1979 is becoming frayed and they did indeed win the general election that year.

    The public will link this inconvenience to the unions and by association Labour, I don’t believe it will make any impact on the SNP. One thing we have learned though is Labour don’t learn lessons from the past.

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    1. Not been able to get The National past few days in any of our local small supermarkets…I was thinking maybe local Tories/Labour BritNats are buying them up to trash, they can afford it, or shops are not stocking it just for the whole of COP26. Imagine a delegate from abroad seeing the only pro indy paper on the shops shelves that just would not do would it. Brit state not just enying the FM of Scotland a voice at COP26, but removing pro indy paper from the shop shelves. Also noticed some weird interference when watching Scotland at 7 on YouTube couple days ago, and also re Indy Car Gordon Ross’s channel…in fact at one point it sounded like a voice in the background laughing! Trying not to be paranoid but it’s rather difficult at times.


  7. The BBC News website today is again providing evidence of how news coverage of a similar issue is framed differently in Scotland and Wales. This time it’s about the devolved governments’ involvement in COP.

    Firstly this is on the Wales page. Headline: ’COP26: Sense of hope needed on climate change – Drakeford’

    And from the article: ‘The Welsh government is attending COP26 as part of the UK delegation, with the summit itself hosted by the UK government who will lead on top level negotiations.’

    ‘Mr Drakeford told BBC Wales he would be concentrating on meetings with leaders from other “small nations determined to make a difference”. ‘The Welsh government is part of the Under 2 coalition, a group of 260 state and regional governments that will be represented at the conference.’

    ‘A cross-party delegation of Welsh politician will be heading to Glasgow to join other world leaders.

    ‘Plaid Cymru’s Llyr Gruffydd, chair of the Senedd’s climate change committee, said Wales’ voice “must be heard at COP26”. “Even though Wales is a small country, it can also have a big impact, by setting an example. We have already seen some progress from the Welsh government, but it needs to start translating its good intentions into decisive actions,” he said.

    ‘Meanwhile Welsh business leaders, charities and environmental campaigners are among those setting up stalls at the conference’s green zone – a giant exhibition of innovation and ideas to fight climate change.

    ‘Chair of Wales’ Youth Climate Ambassadors programme Poppy Stowell-Evans has been invited to take part in events in both the green zone as well as the blue zone – where the key negotiations are taking place.

    ‘Across Wales, the Welsh Government is hosting a series of events as part of the green zone programme – under the banner COP Cymru.’ (A link to the events programme is given)

    So help me out. Can anyone recall BBC Scotland telling us about the Scottish Government attending COP formally as part of the UK delegation; of the FM’s leading role in the Under 2 Coalition; of wider Scottish participation in activities in Glasgow; of events throughout Scotland? Any comparable positive framing?

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    1. Now what have I been able to find on the BBC News website’s Scotland pages?

      Headline: COP26: How Glasgow is hosting world leaders

      Just one mention of the Scottish Government in this article but notice the different framing: ’Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon will not be part of the COP26 negotiating team but the UK government insists she will play an “important role”.’

      Headline: COP26: Glasgow’s UN climate conference opens with key speeches

      One of two references to the FM here is her having to comment on delegates travelling to Scotland by air: ‘Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she understood that the air travel involved may send a “mixed message” – but agreed that more progress is made when leaders meet in person. “Given all of the travel required to get here, it even further increases the pressure on the shoulders of world leaders to make sure it’s worth it,” she said.’

      And the same article has a photo with this caption: ‘Ms Sturgeon met Greta Thunberg and fellow campaigner Vanessa Nakate, from Uganda, inside the blue zone.’

      The BBC goes on to tell us: ‘Speaking at an event hosted by the environmental organisation WWF, Ms Sturgeon said voices such as Ms Thunberg’s were “so important” as they challenge political leaders from across the globe on “the hard realities of our own lack of delivery”.

      But then the negative framing from the BBC follows on immediately: ‘Ms Thunberg has previously been critical of the Scottish government’s climate policy, saying that the country was “not a leader on climate change”, as the First Minister had previously stated.

      ‘Scotland has pledged to cut emissions by 75% by 2030 and be net zero by 2045, but the last three years of targets have been missed.’

      Did Ms Thunberg ever actually single Scotland out? Or was that down to careful BBC Scotland’s editing? Targets missed? – how stretching were these targets; missed by how much; and missed for what reason; and unique in missing targets? Should less ambitious targets be set to avoid missing in future?

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      1. Thanks Stewartb, honestly reading your comments about how the British Nationalists are treating Scotland right now is just incredibly heartbreaking.

        Nicola Sturgeon has worked so incredibly hard to try to repair the terrible damage of the English rule over Scotland for so long, including the first wasted ten years of devolution where the UK Labour party did nothing at all, nothing good for Scotland or the people or Scotland. Instead they plunged Scotland into massive debt with theior PFI scams, and they sent £BILLIONS back to Westminster, saying ‘noithing to sepnd it on in Scotland. Not health, not housing, jobs, environment, infrastructure, education, ‘nothing’.

        Nicola Sturgeon has worked incredibly hard to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint, against huge odds. I hope that she has the last laugh I really do.

        I feel sick that Scotland’s democractically elected First Minister is locked out of COP26 by the English government when Wales are included. It’s a massive kick in the teeth, and a huge insult to Scotland and the people of Scotland.
        Truly sickening it really is and I hope at least some of the delegates at COP26 have an idea about the dirty underhand tactics being deployed against Scotland under their very noses!

        Some at least must be questioning why the FM of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, is not included in the event in any significant capacity, in Scotland, at COP26.

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  8. The blatant assault now on the democratic rights of the people of Scotland, by the English government, is stark and there for all to see. Some of those manufacturing and promoting this terrible assault on Scotland, this dreadful propaganda war against Scotland and the people of Scotland, are as Robert Burns described them so long ago, a ‘parcel of rogues in a nation’. He could see how the BritNats both in and outwith Scotland operated then, and they have not changed their dirty tactics.
    Despicable, the likes of Sarah Smith should hang their heads in shame.

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