Boosters done on time!

Contrary to Scottish Labour Shadowy Health person, Jackie Baillie’s claims, it seems the vulnerable are getting their booster jags on time.

It is of course important to clarify what ‘on time’ means. Jackie Baillie seems to think you should not wait longer than 6 months because your immunity will have waned and you’ll then catch it, defo.

The JCVI who she pretends to follow and understand said ‘no earlier than 6 months’ and insist immunity is still strong after 6 months.

Our snap poll of 5 800, some of whom are no doubt over 70, suggests that the programme is going well:

Our response level of 46 makes it far more valid and reliable than most Reporting Scotland surveys of between 1 and 3 Unionists.

2 thoughts on “Boosters done on time!

  1. Jackanory Baillie.

    “I speak, therefore I lie,
    Partial to a Big Porkie pie.
    With Labour yer sunk,
    we excel in old gunk.
    Vote Starmer? ask yersel WHY”!


  2. My over-70,s experience was Jag #1 on 4th Feb, Jag #2 on 19th Apr, Booster Jag + annual Flu Jag on 14th Oct, so pretty well spot-on as predicted and definitely no complaints.


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