Army vaccinator camouflage highly effective as 95% of Scots never see them?


In our survey of 5 800, 95% were not jagged by a sojer nor had they ever seen one:

Additional comments were revealing and entertaining:

It’s a Set-up by @BBCScotlandNews@BBCScotland Box of gloves behind him but he’s not wearing them. Would never happen.

I was given my 2nd jag a couple of months ago by a soldier in Ingliston, beside Edinburgh airport. No idea of regiment or what instrument he played, but his shoulder badge said military band. (not joking). Good lad, had an English accent if that means anything.

Ravens Craig sports centre?

The image looks very much like they have photoshopped a cigarette out of his hand and a needle in.

Face with tears of joy

More pathetic yoonery. If soldiers are giving vaccinations in Scotland, they must be camouflaged. This guy should be reported for breaching safety regs and not wearing gloves and apron.

3 thoughts on “Army vaccinator camouflage highly effective as 95% of Scots never see them?

  1. The reason you haven’t seen a soldier vaccinating is because they are travelling around in Fuel lorries . They do their vaccinating while replenishing supplies of fuel – multi-tasking !
    Next week they will be re-training to deliver toys for Santa – but will still be vaccinating 0.0000000001 of the Scottish pop.
    What would we have done without them ?

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  2. FYI the wartime role of those that play in military bands is stretcher bearer / first aider therefore it makes sense for them to be drafted in to do jags

    It isn’t publicised by ukg but there is a very real limit to the amount of assistance that the armed forces can make available in time of National Emergency.

    The ukg closed the dedicated military hospitals in favour of wards in NHS premises staffed by a mixture of NHS and uk serving military personnel. When uk goes to war the bulk of the medical care is provided by uk reservist and territorial forces who are mobilised from their civilian roles primarily in the NHS.

    So other than bands(wo)men there isn’t a really a reserve pool of specialist staff in the uk military available to assist the civilian authorities in time of need because they are already deployed in the NHS. Consequently the only real assistance they can give is with drivers and administrators and some volunteers who have been taught to give jags.

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