Jags: 5 out of 6 ain’t bad?


It’s a cracker! You have to smile grimly at the adolescent logic in this ‘Scottish’ Daily Mail headline today.

Readers will know by now that the Army contribution to rescue NHS Scotland amounts to 0.05% of staffing and that in our own poll, none had been jagged by a soldier and only 1% had ever seen a soldier anywhere near a vaccination centre and he was outside smoking.

As for the shambles, the booster jag data seem to offer our gutter press, they think, a wee opportunity to stick it to the SNP but first, what are they not, never, telling us.

  1. Scotland is ahead overall, in jagging, way ahead of England:
Chart of vaccine take up by UK nation - 90% of those aged 12 and over in Scotland have had at least one dose, compared with 88% in Wales, 86% in England and 83% in Northern Ireland

2. Only Scotland has 100% vaccinated all of its over 60s.

3. Scotland has vaccinated far more of its 12-17 year-olds.

4. Only Scotland has 100% vaccinated all of its vulnerable over 80s.

5. According to Sky News last night:

Half of all young (12-15) teenagers have had their first dose of the Covid19 jab (sic) compared to just one in five in England.’

6. As for the boosters, the Mail’s chosen battleground, the data is unclear because not for the first time, NHS England is counting differently.

NHS England claimed to have delivered 3 846 287 booster doses. However, as they point out these data include a number of third primary doses for those who are severely immunosuppressed and will be reclassified when the appropriate data is (sic) available.

Leaving aside the fact that the reporter does not seem to know that data is a plural noun, this kind of qualified accounting to make results look better is well known, from for example, their A&E data.


As of 19th October, Public Health Scotland reported delivery of 344 045 booster vaccines:


Anyhow with 10 times the population and taking into account the reliability issues they are prone to, England has vaccinated roughly the same percentage of its population with actual boosters.


14 thoughts on “Jags: 5 out of 6 ain’t bad?

  1. They lie, they distort, they embellish, they support one party even when they lie, they have no professionalism, they must go home at night scunnered at their poor reporting, no professional ethics, they cannot bother to use good English, they are a disgrace as a newspaper and I hate them.
    Why do people buy their paper? Maybe they think it’s competition for the Beano.

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  2. The tabloid for Tories, the daily heil should be banned from using the name ‘Scottish’ in their title. Probably few people buy their propaganda sheet, and like other right wing rags they’ll be being backed financially to keep them on the shop shelves and internet with dodgy money, plenty of that to be tapped into I’m sure.
    A dreadful rag and massive waste of paper. There should be a paper tax, because these propaganda sheets printed in their thousands, daily, must be really bad for the planet!
    At COP26 someone should mention that. Limit the amount of paper that can be used, recycled or not, or just ban them, how’s that, it seems to fit with the way things are going in UKok right now! Give them a taste of their own medicine, scuse the pun. 😁

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  3. Ah Dawn Thompson, just as the Sun rises so does Dawn, reaches for the keyboard and a hallucinogen, at least 10 paragraphs of hyperbolic nonsense on the page before the first sip of coffee, a legend of her time in her own mind, wherever that happens to have been left. Fridge ?

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  4. Afternoon John,I wonder if you have seen this one

    The Tories just voted AGAINST an amendment to stop water companies dumping RAW SEWAGE into rivers.

    This is happening in England and all Scottish tories voted for their “crap” to go into English drinking water.
    I wonder what the constituents of Bowie,DRoss and now the new health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane thinks of this I know we get a lot of crap from their mouths but we must draw a line somewhere.

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    1. Yes indeed it was all over the blogs and twitter yesterday. Whatever happened to EVEL. Westminster’s ban (started on Sept.19th 2014) on Scottish MP’s voting on England only matters…they seem to have abandoned that very sneakily. Of course it’s obvious why, so that Scotland can’t claim to have been locked out of voting on issues in the English parliament and so that the folk of England will have something to feel agrieved about, the Scots voting on issues facing their country but not Scotland and lastly, so that any decisions by WM about Scotland, overruling what the people of Scotland need or vote for, is all considered fair.
      What’s good for the goose…
      All’s fair in war, politics and colonialism! Dirty tactics, the Brit state are experts at it.

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  5. It was reported yesterday that –
    “A total of 4,524,517 doses have been delivered in England along with 429,801 in Scotland 322,591 in Wales and 43,536 in Northern Ireland.”

    That makes Scotland seem a wee bit behind at (as reported) –
    11.1% versus 11.9% for England.

    However Public Health Scotland report that, as of 23rd October, 457,915 booster jags have been delivered!

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  6. 2. Only Scotland has 100% vaccinated all of its over 60s.

    4. Only Scotland has 100% vaccinated all of its vulnerable over 80s.

    Number 4 is wrong, as it’s already included in 2. Perhaps it’s over 50 vulnerables?


  7. “Data” is by common usage, plural or singular, and having done stats at uni and in my previous working life, I used both depending on context even back then. I am not alone, according to a Grun article:

    Andrew Garratt of the Royal Statistical Society says the debate goes back to the 1920s – and reared its head recently with some heated discussion in the Society’s newsletter. “We don’t have an official view,” he says. “Statisticians of a certain age and status refer to them as plural but people like me use it in the singular.”

    My view on language is shared by most dictionaries – it’s how we commonly use language that defines it, otherwise a language ends up like Latin – deid (though I did Latin at skule). Think about it – without a language evolving, there’d be no such word as “computer”, it would be “dark arts black box that does the work of the forbidden arts and must be burnt at the stake”.

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    1. ““dark arts black box that does the work of the forbidden arts and must be burnt at the stake”.”

      Oddly, that’s exactly what I used to believe my computer at work was. Although my more up-to-date punishment was hurl it through the window… 😀


  8. It looks as if Wales may have been caught up in the Immensa scandal involving the reporting of false negatives. About 4000 tests from Wales may have been processed in Immensa’s dodgy lab. See Prof Pagel and others on Twitter about it.

    May account for some of the increase in cases in Wales at the moment. Their positivity rate is through the roof.

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    1. My tin foil hat has massive problems over these “errors” being mistakes rather than politically motivated/directed.


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