Sandesh Gulhane’s silence

Tory MSP refuses to condemn Home Office for Kenmure Street raid | The  National

London-born MSP, GP, Home Office brutality against refugees apologist and media regular, Sandesh Gulhane is like all Tories, a man of little substance.

In May, Gulhane, the son of Indian migrants, appeared to side with a Home Office detention raid and tried to blame local politicians for inciting the protest. Gulhane was silent when confronted with powerful figures such as Priti Patel.

In September, Gulhane, was more confident when he accused the Scottish Health Secretary of ‘reckless messaging’ in asking people to ‘think twice’ before calling an ambulance. BBC Scotland platformed him and the other usual suspect to say:

Scottish Conservative public health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane described the health secretary’s comments as “astonishing”.

He said: “Humza Yousaf is making people feel guilty about dialling 999 and seeking urgent help.

“This sort of reckless messaging could put lives at risk. When people suffer conditions like heart attacks or strokes, they might think twice about calling an ambulance, which could lead to unnecessary deaths.”

Scottish Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: “Ambulance services are in crisis due to the SNP’s failure to support frontline workers and paramedics.

“Humza Yousaf should focus on fixing the problem rather than shaming Scots who are fearing for their health. There is no time to delay.”

And Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “Humza Yousaf is proving a reckless health secretary. Encouraging people not to seek treatment is a huge gamble.

“Winter pressures come around every year. It is the job of health secretary to ensure that the NHS has the resources it needs to cope with demand.”

Today, when we read:

Glasgow’s health board has urged patients only to attend A&E if an issue is “life-threatening”.

The plea comes after it emerged that a third of those who went to the board’s flagship hospital in one week were there for minor injuries.

Gulhane, Jackie Baillie and Ach have nothing to say. Go on, attack a medic. He’s just repeating what Humza Yousaf said.


9 thoughts on “Sandesh Gulhane’s silence

  1. Is this the same Dr Sandesh Gulhane who on BBC said he had done 80 phone consultations in one day,I think he is aiming to get shot of DRoss and take over,just something about him.

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  2. How can a Doctor be an MSP. Who is looking after the patients. The Dr is undermining the profession. The constant criticism of the health service. Is there not a professional body to deal with these matters. Knocking the confidence of the patients.

    The 3rd raters on the list. Typically Tories. The Tories (ConDems) cut the NHS budget. Cut Education, cut Welfare funding. Labour support Austerity and Brexit. The illegal wars caused death, destruction and mass migration.

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    1. “How can a Doctor be an MSP. Who is looking after the patients. “

      Possibly, being ‘only’ a list MSP, he didn’t expect that he’d actually have to do any work?

      Giving a bad impression of those List MSPs who actually do.

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  3. Sandesh Gulhane is fully supportive of whatever will get him in front of a TV camera – preferably wearing his ”working scrubs ” to show that he is a busy doctor and only has the health of his patients at heart .
    Which is why he spends so much time as an MSP in Edninburgh and an equal amount of time giving TV interviews in which he is generally undermining the health service that he works for .
    ”First do no harm …” – has he ever heard those words ?

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  4. Just typical of Tories two, three or more jobs, excessive salaries and little loyalty to any. I mean DRoss is perfect example, since getting into Holyrood by back door list, how many times has he been in Westminster or that matter doing the line?

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  5. “Just typical of Tories two, three or more jobs…”

    Stop and consider for a moment, Robert. Could you be being a little unfair? (Bear with me on this)

    I mean, perhaps he and DRoss are actually receiving Universal Credit and are acting as examples of the Tory philosophy that, if you’re not earning enough you get off your backsides should take on extra work?


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  6. On the set of teen-movie, “Creesh”.

    DRossie, posing as John Revolting, sings…………………………To the tune of “Sandy”.

    “Stranded at Holyrood, branded sic a fool,
    what will they say on Monday, when they see me

    Sandi, cant you see, I’m in misery,
    You were second to me, now you’re never off TV.
    You left me all alone, never answer your phone, why-y-y oh why you left me,
    oh Sandi

    Oh Sandi, maybe someday, when politics are done,
    Somehow, someway, I will pound you to the ground.
    Forever and ever you will be, my number 2 and second just to me, oh Sandi”!

    Olivia Newton-Stewart walked off the set, and never went back!

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    1. Olivia Newton-Stewart, classic, I appreciate that one, spend much of my youth down in “Newton” as it was abbreviated to by us


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