Sarah Smith tells the UK things are different in Scotland but BBC Scotland won’t tell us

At 6:08pm, Sarah Smith reported with the above graph, on the BBC News that ‘Covid cases have been falling in Scotland’ and there has been a ‘rapid decline’ but later, Reporting Scotland were having none of that whitaboutery.

Things are bad here, it’s a crisis, don’t go think you’re any better, or heaven forbid, that SNP Government might be managing the pandemic better.

BBC 1 News staff have a different agenda. They’re mostly Blairite, Europhile and Toryphobic. They have to be reminded to be Unionist.

Several times, they’ve dropped their northern colleagues in it:
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8 thoughts on “Sarah Smith tells the UK things are different in Scotland but BBC Scotland won’t tell us

  1. The Glasgow Philosophical Society – club for pointy-heidit Keelies (which is the bulk of the citizenry, pal!!) had Professor Stephen Reicher speaking about what the pandemic has taught us about human nature. Essentially, he said that being SOCIAL beings we generally look out for each other and the evidence, contrary to the baleful media is that most of us have behaved commendably sociably during the pandemic. However, amd he emphasised the point, trust in the UK Government (which he pointedly said was the “English” government) has plummeted, whereas trust in the Scottish Government has remained high throughout (despite what the egregious Scottish media and opposition imply) and, that compared to Mr Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon has adopted a ‘social-directed, inclusive attitude’ throughout.

    You might be able to get a recording of his talk of the Royal Glasgow Philosophical Society website.

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    1. ‘..he said that being SOCIAL beings we generally look out for each other and the evidence, contrary to the baleful media is that most of us have behaved commendably sociably during the pandemic. ‘

      The C4 News interview this evening with an A&E ‘matron’ from NHS Northumberland left me with a very different picture – at least of a minority of us! The experiences of abuse of medical staff recounted by this person were awful and heart-rending!

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      1. Why put matron in inverted commas? She is a matron but modern style which recognises the size and complexity of modern hospitals. She is in charge of a busy and complex department with responsibilities for staffing and functioning of the department way beyond anything the old-style hospital matrons had to deal with.

        I worked in the labs in Falkirk Royal Infirmary in the 1960s. The hospital matron was certainly a figure of some standing in the hospital – a martinet in some respects. Word would go round the hospital as soon as she emerged from her office to go on her rounds but the hospital at that time was a fraction of the size of the Forth Valley hospital of today.

        Matrons are now in charge of departments not entire hospitals and that is a reflection of the complexity of modern hospital departments such as A&E. Therefore the nurses in charge deserve and have earned the title of matron without the inverted commas.


        1. I have no knowledge of current NHS job post/ranking terminology. The term matron seemed from an earlier era but it was indeed the one used in the C4 programme and I wished to emphasise that – nothing more.

          Candidly, what she said – and what I sought to amplify – is much, much more significant!


      2. Indeed a most disturbing interview, staff should not have to tolerate any form of abuse, but in pandemic times with abnormal workloads, how does such behaviour help any ?

        Facemask use is one of the more perplexing aspects, the hysteria whipped up over their use by some is beyond all logic, that it intrudes in a hospital setting frankly a complete absurdity.

        WHEN (not if) it mask-wearing is re-invoked as mandatory by London, there will be yet further arguments about individual freedoms mattering more than respecting the need to communally suppress a danger to public health.

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      3. StewartB, Professor Reicher addressed this in response to an audience question. Early in the pandemic, the behavioural team on SAGE suggested to the media that they report more often on the many cases of exemplary social behaviour being shown – e.g. the thousands of local community help groups which sprang up immediately the first lockdown was introduced. The media response was dismissive: “Good news is no news”.

        They are thirled to the trope that we have only a veneer of decency and at the first hint of crisis we revert to selfish brutishness, ergo, we need ‘strong’ leadership. He referred to many studies over the years – such as the King’s Cross Tube Bombing, The World Trade Centre, a major earthquake in China, for example – where, far from panic and brutishness, people quickly self organised, stayed with people who were injured and began orderly evacuations, all before the emergency services arived on scene.

        He accepted that there are examples of appalling behaviour by groups, such as the Holocaust, but, his point was that these examples are less common than cooperative social behaviour.

        With regard to the matron in the hospital, I suspect that the report was edited to frame the editorial trope that ‘people are brutish and nasty’. Undoubtedly, some people will have abused hospital staff. I worked 40 years in public service and I an colleagues faced some nasty abuse. But, for the bulk of the time, we delivered our service to people who were courteous, grateful and praising. The nasty incidents were few, but, because of the unpleasantness, they stuck in the memory. To counter the gloom such incidents caused we began taking time to identify to ourselves things which had gone well that day or that week. It helped put things in perspective.

        The media do not want perspective: they want NASTINESS.

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  2. I noted that the ITV and Ch4 news went strongly on the lack of face masks and Covid passports being mandated by the Health Secretary ( English ) but NO mention of the different situation in Scotland ( and Wales ) .
    The impression for the hard of thinking was that the WHOLE UK was in the same boat .
    Very poor from both channels !

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  3. Although Sarah Smith has often adopted the “official perspective” on Scotland in HQ cameos, usually birthed in Pacific Quay anyway, the HQ and Wales outfits do not generally reflect the political hostility of their Scottish counterparts as has been noted here on many occasions.
    Had she adopted the PQ agenda on National TV it would fly in the face of data in the public domain.

    That Mis-Reporting Scotland ignored the item is no surprise given their blatant political agenda, they have always operated on the basis that they alone control what news the public receive, despite those days being over.

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