Across the UK all is the same bad if you don’t bother looking at the figures too closely

…..are rising by at least 10% week-on-week.

BBC News at 1 today

Well, only if your researchers are not including Scotland or Northern Ireland because infection levels are pretty much flat there, after falling even faster than 10%, week-on-week to below that of England and Wales:

As for hospital admissions, in Scotland they’re falling steadily and ICU admissions are disappearing, as the total falls to 51, down from more than 100 in September.

In England, hospital admissions are climbing.

Finally, deaths:

Haven’t they flattened? Hey, Reporting Scotland Badly, Scotland has the highest death rate in the UK but the other three are climbing towards us. You’ll need to be quick.

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4 thoughts on “Across the UK all is the same bad if you don’t bother looking at the figures too closely

  1. Sadly lots of Scots will believe this as they are bombarded by lies and distortions and do not have the inclination to check fact. None so blind as those who trust the media and the UK Gov.

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  2. The BBC TV news at 6pm has for some time been showing Covid graphs, showing trend data since the beginning of the pandemic – but only for UK statistics.

    There is commonly on this news bulletin mention of rising numbers ‘across the UK’ – failing to report any ‘better’ situations in UK nations other than England. This evening’s bulletin was no different until that is a piece on Scotland from Sarah Smith.

    She showed a graph that made clear that the situation in Scotland was not following the current trend ‘across the UK’.

    Reporting Scotland – unlike the BBC’s 6pm news – doesn’t show graphs. Typically, as with so many issues, it fails to provide ‘perspective’!

    I did wonder if Reporting Scotland tonight would show the graph used by Sarah Smith, its Scotland Political Editor after all. I should have known the answer – still no graph from Reporting Scotland to provide perspective. Better to devote time to worrying folk unnecessarily about booster jags based on the ‘insights’ of Lib Dem and Tory politicians

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  3. The overall trend in hospitalisations and numbers in ICU may be downward but in the last 24 hours they have both risen slightly.

    Hospitalisations were up 21 to 890 and ICU up 5 to 51.

    At the moment I don’t think the downward trend is hardwired into the system. It is soft and is likely to yo yo back and forth. Then we have COP26 appearing over the horizon. Goodness knows what that will do to the numbers towards the end of November into December.

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