Campaigning against masks in schools is a disgrace

Scottish Daily Express

Apparently ‘parents and teachers’ are against the wearing of masks in classrooms. On reading the above and the Daily Record version, we see it’s only those wee Facebook parent groups, often run by former Tory activists and with far too few members to be representative of Scotland’s 1.5 million parents of schoolchildren. As for the teachers, TWO, anonymous.

This is just more anti-SNP propaganda.

What about ‘teachers’ in a real sense, ie thousands of them? The EIS has welcomed the announcement.

What about the science? Covid-19: Don’t abandon mask wearing in schools, say health experts, BMJ May 2021:

How many read the rubbish in the Express?

11 thoughts on “Campaigning against masks in schools is a disgrace

  1. They are awful. Across most of Europe, better enforcement of masks, vaccines and “health passes” mean fewer infections, hospitalisations etc. Only in Scotland are eejits given free rein …… with the only qualification necessary ……. an SIU Diploma in “SNP Bad”.

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  2. Damned Masks ! Get rid !
    Except the noises coming out of Downing Street to their pet journos is a softening up process for Plan B ( not from Outer Space ! ).
    Watch the headlines change as the Westminster Tories U-turn ( again ! ) and bring back the measures that Scotland has retained – masks , distancing and even Vaccine apps !
    But you can be sure that the Scottish Government will get no plaudits for keeping in place measures that have kept Scottish infection rates as the UK’s lowest .

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  3. A week or two ago the Herald carried a story in which they claimed to have seen a draft report that the Education Recovery Group (think that’s the name) that advises the SG on schools re Covid-19 was advising that masks be abandoned in schools when they returned after the October break. Cue outcry. Now Prof Sridhar, among others, sits on that committee. Hands up anyone who thinks she would advise such a thing? No me neither.

    Now masks will be retained in schools. Cue outcry.

    These morons are playing, emphasise playing, politics with childrens’ lives. They are making it up and a complicit media amplifies the faux message. Result: confusion and people die.

    What the h*ll is wrong with people that they can’t/wont wear a mask? Is it that difficult? Some make out it is a freedom/liberty issue. How much freedom do they think they will have when they are anchored to a hospital bed being intubated and with tubes going into every orifice?

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  4. Our cases are not going down. Current restrictions are not enough. In France you need a vaccine passport for pubs and restaurants. Case rate Scotland 324 per 100000. France 48. As for the xpish @#$!!!

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  5. 2 dose vaccine for all under 18. Vax passport for pubs restaurants. We could do that without a hard border which would be good as well.
    Cases btw slightly rising. Cop26 is beyond our control. Unvaxed delegates will be in our pubs!

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  6. Wearing masks is keeping down cases. Not wearing a mask is not very smart. If it saves people from getting ill and dying it is worth it. Daily Express non Dom tax evaders make people sick.


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