Vulnerable English wait even longer, maybe forever

Daily Telegraph

As of 19th October, Public Health Scotland reported delivery of 344 045 booster vaccines:

On the same date, NHS England claimed to have delivered 3 846 287 booster doses. However, as they point out these data include a number of third primary doses for those who are severely immunosuppressed and will be reclassified when the appropriate data is (sic) available.

Leaving aside the fact that the reporter does not seem to know that data is a plural noun, this kind of qualified accounting to make results look better is well known, from for example, their A&E data.

Anyhow with 10 times the population and taking into account the reliability issues they are prone to, England has vaccinated roughly the same percentage of its population with actual boosters.

More important, given their current infection rate 50% higher than in Scotland and their cumulative death rate over the pandemic, 30% higher than in Scotland, are these data:

Only Scotland has fully vaccinated all of its over 60s. Indeed England has been stuck at this incomplete level for weeks now.

Daily Telegraph

7 thoughts on “Vulnerable English wait even longer, maybe forever

  1. The Telegraph headline indicates that the Coco-the-clown, Tory GP statements are part of the ‘NHS in Crisis’ trope.

    My wife and I are scheduled for our flu jag and Covid boosters on Saturday. I guess we must live in a different universe from the ‘NHS in Crisis’ cabal – over the course of the pandemic, I have had my regular GP reviews, having provided blood samples, I have had a non malignant mole removed, my wife has had cataract surgery, our prescriptions have arrived on time, etc, etc.

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  2. “Torygraph:–
    Propaganda for Dummies”!

    Just heard on Radio four (talking about boosters in England).
    Interviewer–“Its not Ministers, its the NHS”.
    THAT is not the stance of the BBC operating in Scotland, is it?

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  3. On a different but related topic, you’ll have noted that NHS Forth Valley is in the news because its 4 hour A&E performance of 41%. That was in a single NHS Board, measured over a single week ending on 10th October (I note in passing that 4 hours is an arbitrary target).

    To find out how bad NHS England really is, I had to resort to this House of Commons Library research note –

    Click to access CBP-7281.pdf

    There I find that 10 NHS Trusts had 4 hour performance of between 55.3% and 40.8% in Type 1 A&E Departments.

    You might say – so what, all but one is better than Forth Valley – but these are figures for performance over a full quarter, i.e. over the months of June, July and August!


  4. Apologies for my last post – I don’t know how to link to a PDF file without it appearing like that.

    My post was also going to continue with this (but I had to remove it for the above to appear) –

    Has anyone seen this consistently terrible performance being mentioned in the media? If any of it was reported, I think you can guarantee it would have been accompanied by excuses from the health board executives and no mention of the UK Health Secretary.

    For comparison, NHS Forth Valley’s performance, averaged over the same period, was 70.1% (this will only be exact if the attendances for each week were the same, but it’s a reasonable estimate). I calculated this from the published PHS weekly data.

    The research note covers various other performance figures for NHS England, which might be worth pursuing.

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